XBoard Wall-Mounted Office Cork Board Notice Bulletin Board with Aluminum Frame, 36 x 24 Inch

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Size:36 X 24


Product Description

  • Natural cork surface allows you convenient to pin notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more for display
  • Premium set with 10 colorful push pins.Perfect for kids and the whole family
  • High grade sturdy aluminum frame is built with ABS plastic corners, with no sharp or pointed edges
  • Easily mount the 36" x 24" cork board vertically or horizontally with attached mounting hardware
  • 2 years warranty against manufacturer's defects

Size:36" x 24"

XBoard Cork bulletin board
The Corkboard is helpful for use in displaying and organizing. Professional look is perfect for your home, office, or classroom. You can choose to mount this board either horizontally or vertically with easy pass-through mounting hardware. The frame is made of high grade aluminum, which ensures strength and durability. It has rounded corner caps, which helps prevent scratches. Its smooth working surface is paired with a natural, self-healing cork, which eliminates unsightly pinholes.

Brand: XBoard
Product Type: Cork board
Dimensions: 36 x 24 inch
Magnetic: No
Style: Wall-Mounted
Reversible: No
Package: Cork bulletin board 36" x 24" with 10 x colorful push pins
Frame Material: Sliver anodized aluminum
Corner Material: ABS
Surface Material: Natural cork

XBoard Cork Notice Board comes with a two year manufacturer's warranty
You can use nails, but don't use many times in the same place
Recommend to mount in the spaces with light traffic.
About XBoard
Xboard is a professional manufacturer of high quality board, produce hundreds of thousands of board products every month, from magnetic whiteboard, melamine whiteboard, blackboard, fabric board, cork board and Easel-Style Dry Erase Boards, etc. Each piece is rigorously tested for durability. Each piece is constructed with uniquely tough materials to reduce the risk of damage during shipping. Xboard keeps bringing best writing experience to customers all over the world!

Customer reviews(8)

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Amy Medcalf
March 5, 2018
It was exactly what I wanted and expected as far as construction goes. Unfortunately, it arrived pretty damaged. It had a crease completely across both sides on the cork and a hole on one side about the size of a closed hand. This may have happened in shipping or while packaging. It comes in a flat, rectangle cardboard box, so there was not much protection during shipping. When I reached out to the seller about this issue, no one ever responded to me. I hated paying this kind of money for a damaged product, but it wasnu2019t worth my time or effort to send it back and was still able to use it for the purpose bought. I purchased it to hang on my costume jewelry necklaces on. I used clear thumbtacks and they hold in the cork well with the weight of the necklaces. I just had to put tax above and below the damaged area for it to work.
Bo T.
March 5, 2017
The shipment came very fast and in a good condition. It is very large board compare to the board I bought from Ikea years ago. I haven't decide where to put it, but this is perfect to display my daughter's artwork on it. The board does seem to be a little thin, but there's no problem with the push pin going through the cork.
My little ones can spend a long time playing with it, Good Buy!
May 11, 2018
The quality of the build is perfectly good.
However the sizes are not accurate. I bought a 48 X 36. The actual cork area is 45 X 32.75 and absolute size of 47 X 34.5.
This may seem fussy but, I bought for a very particular purpose and the size being wrong makes it not useful for that purpose.
Like I said the build is very good, but if you are counting on the dimensions... they aren't quite right.
January 14, 2018
After doing a lot of research I settled on this 47.5 x 35.2 cork board. It was packaged well but it was slightly warped. I laid it down on the floor and put heavy books on 2 of the corners and left it for a week which helped a bit. It's surprisingly lightweight which made it easy to hang (with help). I was able to screw it tightly into the wall - no problem with the warping unless the screws don't hold (I didn't use the anchors provided). I wouldn't recommend it for
Pamela Bolil
March 18, 2018
Bought this for a bulletin board for my bedroom while i recover from a year of orthopedic surgery full bedrest...it came damaged and there is no way of contacting the company other then shipping it back...being im on full bedrest for 3 months i have no way physically returning this to get a refund... it also was poor quality. I was expecting cork board but instead got a cardboard lined with a veyy thin layer of cork...buyer beware.
February 5, 2018
I purchased 2 of these this past summer, they arrived fine and worked well until this winter when they both warped and could not be straightened out? One of the two had to be discarded. The other we still use but it is far from flat and does not sit correctly against the wall--- too bad
January 11, 2018
It's the right size, shape, weight, etc. but the cork itself is quite tough and brittle. I don't know that we'll get much more than one use out of it once it's all covered but suits our needs for the time being.
Miss Cake
March 27, 2017
Excellent. We are writers and hung this up in our house. Great, solid quality. Does not chip.