Wonder Mat Non-Toxic Non-Recycled Extra Thick Rainbow Foam Playmat American Creative Team Inc. CT-115

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Wonder Mats create a soft and safe environment for child development and playtime. As parents, we understand the importance of health and safety as first priority when it comes to our children. Our foam mats are made from non-recycled and non-toxic materials which provide vibrant, bold and consistent colors. They are extra thick and soft to help reduce impact and provide comfort as our children learn to walk, run and play. Lastly, the high density of our mats is designed so children cannot bit off or ingest pieces of the mats. Wonder Mat's quality matches the peace of mind our customers receive.

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Katie Gillihan
July 24, 2015
We did a lot of research before purchasing a mat after my daughter started to crawl! This mat blew all others out of the water, and after reading other parents reviews I knew we had made the right choice. It got here Wednesday and we are in LOVE! It's big enough to cover her play area in the living room and I don't have to worry about her bonking her head on our hardwood floors anymore. It helps my knees tremendously when I get down and play with her as well! I would recommend to any parent whose baby is becoming mobile!
Tofu King Good
August 9, 2017
It's worth paying the extra price.
I bought at least 4 or 5 other sets between $15 - $40 and non of them were extra thick as claimed.
I wanted to avoid something made by a Chinese company and in China, but every set I got before this were made in China.

This set is at least 5/8
Erin Ashley
January 10, 2015
This mat has a great texture and the pieces lock together well. I originally wanted a mat with letters and numbers but those were questionably toxic. That didn't deter me completely, but I knew this one was better made so I went with it. Also, you can arrange it how you want, while the alphabet one will probably compel you to put the letters/numbers in order.

It looks really good on the floor too, not too childish if you're using it in a living room or common area. The thickness is great, too. She's hit her head a few times and it didn't hurt her at all. Also, there are different textures on the two sides for whatever surface you place it on. We keep it on the wood laminate floor, and it doesn't move an inch.

The only thing I would change about it is to have border pieces. If you wear shoes near it and scrape the sides I could see it damaging the puzzle edge. Plus, the border pieces are really expensive so you might as well just order two sets by that point and rotate the pieces off the edge.
May 25, 2018
So far so good! This foam is really thick! Perfect to put over hard wood floors for baby to play. Seems very easy to clean as well. And does NOT have a smell of any kind! Some reviewers said it smelled like chemicals, but I took a chance and purchased anyway and I'm glad I did! I love this. So does baby. I don't have the whole thing together because it's HUGE! Totally worth the price.
Ms. C
June 25, 2015
I really didn't want to spend on a mat especially anything above $50 is expensive. I have wooden floors so I do need it and luckily I bought this mat because its thick and will protect baby's head. I received the package within less than one week. The pieces does have a strong ODER so its best to set it up at least one week before your baby arrives. Overall I love it. I definitely can see myself using this everyday with my newborn. Its thick, easy to attach and detach these pieces, bright colors except for the peach color, and its like the size of two doors put together. I hope the colors won't fade and hope that the pieces are easy to clean off stains. Also, I did see a small black stain on one of my pieces which doesn't bother me but just be aware that it might not arrive in perfect condition.
dressler family
October 31, 2017
My son loves it...I bought one set and added a second set. Bought them for my son's play area because we have marble floor and they work like a charm. He has had them for almost six months... no tears and they look completely new. They are not even dirty! I don't clean them daily but when I do clean them, they are super easy to clean. I def. recommend! (no I was not paid for this review).
Michelle Durand
December 29, 2015
Bought 5 boxes for our new basement playroom. Everyone loves the way it looks, works, and went together. Installation was easy - we probably spent more time trying to figure out how we wanted the colors to look than laying most of the floor. Even the cuts were easy (score the top, cut from below). No matter how we moved pieces, every one fit together like a glove. It makes playing on the floor and hanging around very comfy - even the dog and kids have been curled up on the floor. It even insulated well - I am very pleased!
September 28, 2011
We love this mat, it is easy to clean, dust and dirt came right off with swiffer and just used a damp paper towel with soap and water to scrub any sticky spots. We have hardwood floors and in our living room we had a 5 by 7 rug, the problem with this was now that baby is getting ready to crawl his mouth was on the rug and weird rug fibers were all over his mouth and hands. This provides a nice cushion to the wood floors, but it can still hurt if your head slams against it, unfortunately I found out first hand. I love how easy it is to clean. I would give it 5 stars, but this set does not come with the edge pieces which is inconvenient, not a deal breaker, but a pain nonetheless.

One more thing, it is pretty durable. I was able to do yoga on top of this, I placed my yoga mat on top of the foam mats, and all of the pieces seems to stay locked together. I was pretty impressed. So are, we are very happy with it.