VSM 37 x 60 Wide Sanding Belts KK711X A/O 100 Grit, 5/Pack

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Abrasives - 37" x 60" Wide Sanding For Timesavers and other wide belt machines KK7X Aluminum Oxide Grain and Polyester Backing. Price is for Premium 00 Grit .   TYPICAL WORKPIECE MATERIALS: Wood, Metal TYPICAL MACHINE TYPES: Backstand, Centerless / Cylindrical, Sanding Sleeves & Drums, Stroke Sander, Edge Sanding, Disc Sander, Wide Belt / Flat Sanding, Swingframe, Portable Belt Sander, Slack of Belt, Wire Drawing / Planetary FEATURES AND BENEFITS A universal and economic abrasive grain for various sanding applications Sturdy cloth backing for reliable performance BASIC INFORMATION Grain: Aluminum Oxide Backing: Sturdy Polyester Cloth (coarse up to P80)Sturdy Cotton Cloth (P00 and finer) Bonding: Resin over Resin Special Features: N/A Product Color: Red-Brown Grit Range: P0, P4, P30, P36, P40, P0, P60, P80, P00, P0, P0, P80, P0, P40, P80, P30, P400 Manufactured Width: 480 mm / in (P0 - 80)40 mm / 7 in (P0 - 400)

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kens cabinets
June 17, 2018
Good product.