TopNotch Bath Brush Shower Back Scrubber Long Handle PLUS White Mesh Sponge TopNotch London NA

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Make Your Skin Feel Cleaner, Smoother, Softer and Younger


This long handled body brush is multifunctional, durable and hygienic. It can be used in the bath or shower (to reach the parts other brushes might not reach!) and it makes a great back scrubber.

Daily use of this brush for washing and scrubbing is invigorating and health promoting as it aids lymphatic movement around your body and aids detoxification.

Brush features;

- Fully washable and hygienic
- Great for dry skin brushing
- Medium to soft bristles
- Cord for hanging up to dry
- 36cm long with non slip ridges
- Angled for reaching difficult areas - Suitable for use all over your body, including face and feet
- Excellent for exfoliating
- Helps to improve skin health and reduce cellulite
- Despatched by Amazon
- One year Guarantee


Customer reviews(8)

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A. Reader
April 30, 2018
I bought two of these and BOTH of them broke within one month. They broke while using. One of them even left a permanent scar on my back. They are made of brittle plastic that breaks literally while you are using it in the shower. Do not recommend.
March 21, 2016
I purchased this when it was on sale and I just love it. The back scrubber is just wonderful. The bristles are not soft or hard but just right. The scrubber has a nice long handle so it's easy to reach any part of your back. The plastic handle is made of a durable plastic I have dropped the scrubber a few times and nothing happened to it. I have used the scrubber to wash the bottom of my feet a few times and it feels great. I will purchase more of these in the future. For how long the scrubber lasts only time will tell.
N. Snook
December 9, 2017
I have an old scrub brush Iu2019ve needed to replace for a while. I tried buying them at wal mart but the ones I found there were too soft.

This brush is perfect as a general body brush for scrubbing dead skin.

Love it!!!
October 28, 2015
When I shower, I like to exfoliate at the same time. This brush is nylon bristles, gives a good scrub, can be used for skin brushing as well. The little white netted scrubber did nothing for me, it's been in my shower unused. I love the brush and it was a great purchase, it's inexpensive and was delivered quickly. If you like a good scrub, you won't be disappointed! Definitely worth it. The bristles stay hard, unlike natural bristles that are softer and get even softer when wet.
May 9, 2017
I love this brush as it stays clean because it will dry whereas the wooden brushes stay wet and get mildew. I hang it from a suction hook right in the shower so it is handy. It gives a good scrub but is NOT abrasive. The handle allows me to reach the middle of my back. It holds any bath soap and allows for a good cleaning. It rinses well. I really love this brush!
February 17, 2017
I've only used it once. So far so good. The design is attractive and functional. The bristles weren't too soft or too hard. I particularly liked the length of the handle. Usually I buy back brushes and then stop using them because the length and weight make them too unwieldy for me. That won't be an issue with this brush.
March 27, 2017
I am enjoying my Bath Brush Shower Back Scrubber.It is very pretty and useful.
I like to take hot baths and I want to always be very clean.
I ordered the brush to scrub the hard to reach parts of my back and it works great.
I would buy it again.
August 13, 2016
I had just purchased a bamboo and bristle bath brush, which was very poorly designed, so I tried again. I used this simple clear plastic brush yesterday for the first time. It is excellent in several ways - it can be gripped fairly firmly with soapy hands, the bristles are just firm enough, and the head is set at just the right angle (my previous bamboo brush failed on each aspect!) Another advantage is that this brush looks like it will stay clean and mildew-free forever. Great back brush - I am buying another one for our other house.