Teether Rings - (4 Pack) Silicone Sensory Teething Rings - Fun, Colorful and BPA-Free Teething Toys - Soothing Pain Relief and Drool Proof Teether Ring (Pinks/Oranges) Bonbino

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October 5, 2017
We have been suffering through teething for months. Our son is now 15 months old and it truly is a rabid attack of the molars. We have purchased countless teething rings and products over the last several months. By far and away, these rings have superseded all others. Here's why:
1) They don't attract dirt and grime. This one is probably selfish on my part but I hate the toys that I am constantly cleaning and pulling hair from. Also, the rings are dishwasher safe. Bonus!
2) I can slip them on my wrist and go. We have a smallish (more manly) messenger baby bag. It's full of his toys and necessities. It's nice not having to put yet another toy in it. Not to mention, they're great when I'm wearing my son (Moby wraps are awesome) and don't have the ability to carry his bag with me.
3) They are the perfect toughness for his gums. Not too soft (taggies and blankies) or too hard (all of his cars, blocks, etc). They are literally perfect for him. They also have ridges and circles so that when he chews, they massage his tender gums and help him work those evil molars through.
4) Sensory development! He's taking them on and off his wrist as well as his feet. He's having a ball. And since they come 4 to a pack, he can chew on one and mess with the rest of them.

I could go on, but I think you get it. Buy these, they are worth every penny.
My poor baby is finally getting some (non-medicated) relief.
See the attached photos for some cuteness overload :)
August 19, 2016
I welcome the opportunity to share my satisfaction.
I brought these for my granddaughter Margot who lives in California. First off, Amazon delivered them in time and the packaging was brilliant.

My Margot just made 4 months and is teething like it's her job. She had the Comotomo and a couple of others, however was gnawing on her fingers to the point of blisters.

Well she received them on Monday and absolutely loves them. They are colourful, easy to grasp, and she can reach the back of her gums with the rings without gagging, which was a concern with the Comotomo. Further, the Comotomo lacks sufficient ridges and nubs for baby's comfort and soothing.

More importantly, my Yuppie Millennial daughter and husband love them. I knew that I did sufficient research so that when they went back to reference, they would have to see that I purchased them in good faith, even if they did not like them. Well, they could not be more pleased. Nor could I, as I was able to cause great smiles for them all. Thank you for that.
September 28, 2016
I like these little teethers...What we did was attach it to one of his attachable ring toys on our little man-man's FP Sit Me Up seat, and he can just grab and chew at his leisure. Nice material. Big size, so a younger pup like mine can benefit from having it attach to something until he gets that awesome dexterity.

BTW....boy there is a ton of drool involved with teething. A TON.

March 2, 2016
The rings are large, but flexible and very soft and light. Many other teethers are two big or too heavy or clunky. The rings are wide enough to fit on the parent's wrist, so they can be worn and ready when needed, or worn to be chewed on while holding baby in your lap. They are so wide, it is not as easy to choke on them. Baby can chew on one of these rings at the very front of their mouth, or bend them to get more of the ring into their mouths.

We have a silicone teething pacifier tether attached to each teething ring, so the ring can be clipped to clothes or bouncer toy bars. Along with the Sophie Giraffe, the teething rings are our baby's main teething toys. Since they come in packs of four, we got multiple teething pacifier tethers, and keep the teething rings at home, in the car, in the diaper bag, and on the stroller.

I purchased a set of these rings and this review contains my own opinions, but I am receiving a an additional set of teething toys for posting a review.
June 9, 2018
I bought these for my classroom of young toddlers. I attach them to their shirts with binky straps to avoid cross contamination and it gives them something to chew on (other than eachother) while they are teething. This product does what you would expect. They are easy to clean and pretty durable, for the most part. I did have a boy, working on his two year molars, bite one in half, but no teether is going to stand up infinitely to repetitive use. I was satisfied with my experience with the product. As far as my experience with the company. I really liked the first correspondence we had. The little PDF guide with facts and tips about teething was a very nice bonus to the purchase... However, I ultimately began to feel a little harassed after multiple requests from the company to review the product. I understand smaller companies thrive on word of mouth but... I would rather have time to use a product before committing to a review of it.
M. Brand
November 4, 2015
I just got these teething rings today and my baby is already in love with them. He is 4 months old, and though I'm not positive he actually has a tooth coming in yet, he has all the signs and wants to chew on everything! These are the first thing we've tried that he is able to consistently hold onto well and get into his mouth (and actually enjoys chewing on). I especially like that they are all one piece and made of silicone so there is no possibility for a sharp edge or paint to peel off (frequent problems I've seen in the reviews of other teething toys). These are more expensive than I would typically look for, but a friend highly recommended them and after receiving them, they are definitely worth it. I do also appreciate that it comes with four rings, whereas most other products only have one, so that does make the price more worthwhile. I'm sold on these.