Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory Buggy Buddy (Discontinued by Manufacturer) 10395

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The Buggy-Buddy keeps all your essentials organized and within reach when you?re out for a walk. With its zippered pocket for valuables, insulated drink holders and insulated cargo bin, it?s the perfect way to carry snacks, drinks and everything else.

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May 5, 2010
We have a Baby Jogger City Mini double - love the stroller, hate that it doesn't come with even a cup holder - and I really didn't like the idea of spending a minimum of $30 for the one that they sell for it. It didn't get good reviews for use on the double stroller, but in one of the reviews this one was mentioned.

It fits really well on my stroller, doesn't get in the way when I want to fold it up which I do after every use, holds up great and hasn't bent or anyting. The velcro seems to be very secure, and doesn't pull tight so I don't expect any problems there. I love that it has some structure to hold it's shape. The zipper pocket is great for my cell phone - I stand it up in there, and when I'm done I usually leave change in it so I just zip it up so it doesn't get lost.

The cup holders have been used for sippy cups, water bottles, travel mugs - all work well - the only thing that didn't was a 16oz paper coffee cup from the coffee shop - it wasn't easy to get in and out and the lid popped off on I just use my travel mug - or get the 20 oz, haha.

I just today ordered a second one to put on the other side of my stroller - since I have to use a double stroller I have the space, and often am walking with someone, so now I'll have space for grown up stuff, and kid stuff - they always have snacks and drinks too.

A great product and an awesome price!
August 25, 2011
I was looking for a for something like this for my Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. I looked at their branded option for nearly $30 and only so-so reviews. Being frugal, I was on the hunt for something less expensive that would get the job done. The Sunshine Kids Stroller Accessory is great. It is a heavy duty fabric that can basically stand up on end although it can be flattened as it arrived that way in the packaging. The cup holders will hold a pop can or a water bottle just fine. And I love the space in the middle for anything extra you would need to bring. There is a zipped mesh little pocket in the inside as well that I didn't know it had before purchasing. It would be perfect to put a house key in or a few dollars, etc. I was worried how it might hang from the City Mini and if I could easily get things in and out of it. The velcro straps are very long and you can adjust how high or low you would want it to sit as well as where on the handle bars you would want it to be. The ONLY drawback is the logo printed on the outside. It is rather obnoxious. The design isn't very professional or modern and it's big with colors that aren't very 'today'. I am a graphic designer so I think that is the only reason it bugs me. I will either hang it backwards on the stroller or even put black tape over it. It is just one of my hang ups, I guess. This is going to get the job done and I'm happy about it's affordable price tag. I highly recommend the purchase of this accessory.
November 19, 2010
Big thanks to the parent that posted the review for this item as an accessory to their Uppa Baby Vista. I tried several items, and this was by far the best fit. It doesn't have a huge amount of space, but it is enough for a 3/4 liter camelbak bottle (fits well and can be removed and replaced with one hand with a little practice!), a sippy cup or bottle for my son, a cell phone, keys and a small wallet. It is also sturdy enough that I wouldn't worry about a cup of tea in a travel cup spilling - that was my biggest concern. I assumed that it would swing back and forth throughout our walks (I walk at least 3 miles with my son every day), but it is really very sturdy when it is weighted down with our gear. There's even a small compartment for stashing a bit of cash/change as needed. For $10, it is exactly what we needed.

For those who want something flashier, the Baby Jogger Parent Console with build in mp3 player also worked well on the Uppa Baby and was an easier fit for the camelbak (no learning curve on how to get it in and out with one hand), but for $50, the unnecessary additional of the mp3 speakers wasn't worth it to me (and it seemed somewhat obnoxious to boot!).
M. Lockhart
October 6, 2011
So I have a Baby Jogger City Mini. I bought both this parent console as well as the baby jogger one and tried them both out. I'm keeping this one. The other one just doesn't seem to be that much better. With shipping and all this one was less than $15....and the other was about $31. I would say that if you are going to want to fold your stroller up with out emptying every little item out of the stroller you should get the baby jogger console. I do like that I can just toss stuff in this one without paying to much attention. There is a small mesh zippered pocket on the inside of the largest section....very small. The cup holders are very accommodating. With some effort I got a really secure fit and nothing sloshes out of my cup. They both have advantages and disadvantages. They are both really well made products out of nice material. It's just a style issue and how you will personally use it.
July 8, 2011
After trying various cup holders and hooks, etc, I am really pleased to find something that actually works on my Peg Perego stroller. The bars on this stroller are pretty thick and all the cup holders that are made for umbrella strollers don't fit (the bars are a lot thinner on umbrella strollers). This caddy has a velcro strap on each side that you can adjust to fit securely between the open space of the handles. There is a snug cup holder on each outside edge of the item, with a space in between for sunglasses, maps, sunscreen, or snacks, etc, plus a zippered pocket on the inside for keys, membership cards, or whatever. One reviewer mentioned that it swung a bit (but you can tighten those velcro straps so that it barely moves at all) so you need covered drinks, and maybe that's true... but we always use those anyway, and the drink holder pocket is flexible enough to hold a good size, tall cup and keeps it steady. I am a very happy buyer and highly recommend this to anyone who doesn't have cup holders on their stroller and even those who do, but want a little more storage space. Also... it stays on very nicely when you fold the stroller, no need to remove. Love it!