Smad Portable Electric Ice Maker Machine Ice Makers Countertop-Touch Buttons Digital 2 Selectable Cube Sizes HZB-12A-3

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Product Description

  • Able to make 26 lbs. of small or large bullet ice per day
  • Perfect for your RV, boat, or small kitchen, this ice maker is compact
  • Compact and portable, you can place this ice maker practically anywhere
  • The integrated storage bin is well-insulated and is able to hold 1.5 lbs. of ice at a time
  • Turn this ice maker on/off and choose your ice size using this unit’s simple touch-sensitive controls

Customer reviews(8)

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October 8, 2017
This thing is great! Have had it for about two months and have had zero issues with it. It doesnu2019t actually refrigerate the ice cubes so they do melt over time but it refills so quickly that itu2019s a completely none issue.
Cecile Martin
May 14, 2018
Love this we use it in our RV. It takes a while to make ice but we put bags in our freezer and make enough for a weekend in several hours. Please note this or any other portable ice make do not freeze the ice, you put it in a plastic bag when it finishes making ice cubes and quickly into the freezer or ice chest. TO keep ICE frozen requires a compressor.
Martha from Texas
May 2, 2018
So far it makes really good ice quick. We bought it for our house and RV. We are always running out of ice, but not anymore. I know we'll love it on our trip. You don't have to worry about where the ice came from, cause you produced it and it is clean. The machine is quiet and we get a kick out of it making ice.
November 21, 2017
Yay! I love this thing! No more trying to get ice cubes to freeze in the little freezer in our motorhome. We are leaving on a trip tomorrow and I am so excited to have this ice maker. I thought the owneru2019s manual was crazy saying how fast this little machine can make ice. I tried it out, and sure enough, about every six (yes, six!) minutes, it spits out the cutest little ice cubes with little holes in the centers! So much more useful than part way frozen cubes from a tray! Yes, small things amuse small minds! Iu2019m definitely looking forward to having ice on our trip!!
January 11, 2018
Makes great ice really guickly. Makes two different sizes. Not too large fits on our bar.
September 19, 2018
It is a good small unit. Makes ice.
Amazon Customer
August 11, 2018
Just ok.
Lisa Haas
December 28, 2017
Only had a few days but makes ice fast! Perfect for our little bar at home.