Shower Brush Bath & Dry Skin Body Brushing with Long Bamboo Detachable Hand & Soft Boar Bristle for Back Scrubber-by Ecobambu

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What Ecobambu Shower Brush can do for you ?】
 This body brush with long handle can easily reach your feet and back ,message your body ,improve your skin. The natural bristles work with your favorite soap or dry after the shower to exfoliate and increas  circulation all over your body. Use the detachable head for easy-to-reach areas and easy to take with you while you're traveling. It features a convenient rope loop for hanging near your tub or shower.
Material and design
 We use 100% MOSO bamboo and natural boar bristles its construction which is the most eco-friendly ,Fashionable & suitable for your bathroom,more durable . Humanize Design , Detachable, easy to  carry.Additional features include a longer handle and an attached looped rope for easy hanging.
Why choose us
 With 20 years experiences of manufacturing bamboo items ,we devoted to providing our customers the best quality items with very competitive price . We care about the details of every product . We care about
 you !
Free Return
 If you are not satisfied, please email to us,Ecobambu promises 100% free return and refund
 Material: 100% MOSO Bamboo and natural boar bristle
 Color: beige
 Product Size: 16.14"*2.64"*1.34"
 Product Weight: 0.33LB
 Easy Assembly: Yes
Package Contents
 1 x Bamboo Shower brush

Customer reviews(8)

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Lover of Books
June 7, 2018
Hubby uses a back brush for washing his back in the shower. The ones I've been buying have been very inexpensive, and though he rinses them and hangs them properly to dry, they still seem to gather mold very quickly...YUCK!

The last one I bought him was a sponge type brush and he didn't like it at all, as he prefers the ones with bristles. I've been looking in the stores and just could not find anything other than the inexpensive ones I've been buying, so off to Amazon I went to look. Found this one, and based on the reviews, showed it to him and he said he thinks he would like it, so I purchased it - at a Lightning Deal to boot!

Anyways, we got it a few weeks ago. It was easy to attach the handle to the brush, and though some reviewers mention theirs come apart, hubby has had no problem with his. Also, based on reviews and questions regarding bristles falling out, and the seller's responses to rinse the brush before using, that is what I did. Just ran it through warm water, running my fingers over the bristles to remove the loose ones. I asked hubby after he used it the first time if he noticed any bristles falling out and he said no and that he thought he was going to like it.

I've been waiting awhile to get hubby's opinion before posting feedback. So when he came out of the shower the other day and told me how much he loves his new brush, I knew it was time! I again asked if he'd noticed bristles falling out and he said no.

I'd say this is a winner all around and hope it lasts for a long time to come!
Melissa L
January 8, 2018
A great one uff0cEnjoys it
March 4, 2018
I was surprised at the feel of this brush in the shower. When I first got it I thought it would be to soft to do a good job on my back. I was wrong. It's sturdy and just the perfect scrub ability. Came quickly and was packaged well. Thank you
February 1, 2018
It is a very natural product, made of bamboo. The brush is not very firm, so it is not very irritating the skin. The long arm is very convenient to use for the back or other hardly reachable place. Over all it is a good product.
September 24, 2018
I was disappointed that the bristles began to collapse and flatten right away. About 75% are still standing upright and 25% are laying flat. The bristles are much firmer than my previous brush and are hard on my face. I've had a similar looking brush in the past that was very nice and lasted for years. This one went south on me in one or two weeks. I think I'll use it to clean my truck wheels and buy a better quality brush for my skin.
August 1, 2018
The brush head wonu2019t stay attached to the handle. I had to throw it out. Donu2019t waste your money.
Stephanie Moore
April 18, 2018
I should have had this a long time ago. I've just gotten over back surgery and in a month the doctors want to do more surgery on my neck. Needless to say, it's pretty tense between my husband and myself right now.Upon receiving this, bristles were hard and I thought it would scratch but it was very soft when water was added to it. It's woderful! I love taking long showers and being able to scrub my own back now is an added plus.
Sandra K
July 14, 2018
I like to be able to scrub my entire body at least every couple of days to get off the dead cells.
This brush helps me reach parts of my back I know longer can reach.
Everyday I need to scrub the bottom of my feet as I have a habit of walking barefoot.
After using please wash off and hang to dry.