Sheer Guard Bird Cage Skirt - Super Large Size (White)

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  • Super Large fits cages 70" to 108" in circumference and is approximately 12" high ...(fits cages 177.8 cm to 274.3 cm in circumference and is approximately 30.48 cm high). Super Large skirt is made of sheer material and has quality elastic at the top and bottom for a perfect fit. If Super Large is not large enough for your cage check out our Flight Cage Skirts
  • Skirts are available in 7 beautiful colors: Aqua, Black, Purple, Red, Royal, Teal and White. They are easily washable.
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.


Sheer Guard Bird Cage Skirt is a beautiful sheer material that allows you to see your birdie and lets your birdie see out. It helps keep your floor clean, allows air to flow into the cage and is easily washable. Skirts 4 Sizes... Small, Medium, Large & Super Large (available here). 7 Colors: Aqua, Black, Purple, Red, Royal, Teal & White. Note: To find the correct size skirt for your cage measure completely around the cage. If your cage doesn’t fit into any of the size ranges we show, please contact us …custom skirts can be made. Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

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Kelly Ann Gallo
March 19, 2018
My sisters birds are insanely messy. She cleans the cages weekly but what was really bothersome was the seeds throwing outside of the cage. These skirts save so much of the mess. We would buy 100 of these if we could. They are very easy to clean and super helpful. Would definitely recommend this to any bird owner.
Gabby Gril
March 30, 2017
So excited. This skirt fit around our really large flight cage. I am ordering one for each of our cages now. 3 more. Have used the smaller ones before we upgraded the cage size. It really helped cut down on the seeds and unwanted food everywhere. Plus it's sheer and we can see through the netting. Our bars are spaced so that beaks don't come out so they don't interfer with climbing Parrots. Thanks for making the larger size.
February 15, 2018
So it definitely doesnu2019t fit a midwest c and c cage but i pretty much expected that going in. I need something though for my messy guinea pigs who keep kicking their bedding out of the cage. I had to make a slit to get it to fit on the side up against the wall and finally! No more mess! Not ideal but the best I could seem to find.
February 2, 2017
Very happy with this cage guard. We have 2 now, one for our large cockatiel cage and one for our large budgie cage. It really helps keep the area around the cages cleaner. Just be careful removing the cage guard as all the caught seeds will fall all over the floor. I wheel the cage outside and then remove the guard.
Barbara M. Trevino
September 29, 2018
My pet pigeon is a messy eater. This helps keep most of it inside his cage but is semi transparent so he is not isolated from any goings on in the room. Pigeons are curious.
February 6, 2018
Fits around my large budgie cage and is tall enough to keep the seeds in. I like the white because it matches the cage and itu2019s thin enough that the birds can still see out. Very happy so far.
Health Concerns
March 21, 2018
Worked really well for a while then it lost the snugness around the base. Had to throw it away after six month or more.
February 26, 2014
We have 5 budgies in our 36