Scooby Doo ScoobyDoo Mystery Mates Figure 5Pack Mystery Solving Crew, Multicolor Charter Limited SCD60397

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  • 5 action figures total - (1) Daphne, (1) Fred, (1) shaggy, (1) Scooby, (1) Velma
  • Figures are fully articulated and poseable!

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March 13, 2018
Was so excited to get these for my diorama and they are a little bit off to say the least. Fred has paint on his chin and Shaggy looks like he has a botched neck paint job. The articulation is just ok. Feels sorta flimsy. All in all not a bad price for the whole gang, I just wish that quality control would have noticed the poor paint job on these. Attaching pics:
May 18, 2015
Some clarification is in order on these
Simone C.
May 3, 2015
These are of alright quality for the price.

I'm not one who plays with figures and such anymore, so I can't really speak to the durability of the figures, but nothing seemed off and nothing broke off when I took them out of the box. I bent their joints around a bit and the articulation seems good for the price.

As for the paint job, I can't speak too highly of it, but am honestly not surprised they are like they are (good paint jobs on kids' toys can be hard to come by).
Velma's paint job is lopsided on her face (one eye is lower than the other, even the way the glasses are molded seem lopsided) and they all honestly have a bit of a dopey look (maybe save for Scooby), but I think if you want just a simple set of the Mystery Inc. crew and nothing too fancy, then these are good for that. (Sculpts on toys on the lower end of the price range typically aren't very good anyway.)

I think the photo of the product needs to be different though!
Mine came in a different
July 1, 2018
I bought these at a discount from original price. They were a hit. My kids are starting to watch the cartoons and Lego movies so these toys were a hit! They are sturdy and seem to be made well. There are fun facts about each of the characters on the back of the box that my kids enjoyed.
Marshall Carter
January 15, 2015
These are great little figures for Scooby Doo fans and great likenesses of the classic cartoon's characters. My 4 year-old has quickly become a Scooby fan, first of the most recent animated series and then the classic series that I grew up watching. Scooby toys are kind of hard to find in this day and age, so I was glad these were available. You get the whole Scooby crew, which are based on their classic appearances (which is really close to how they look in the new series, but not quite). They seem well made and after close to a month of play time, they don't have any noticeable paint rubs.
another pretty face
December 26, 2012
I bought these for my 3 year old. I thought they would be good because there are no small accessories. They keep my son happy and so far they are holding up through car trips, play time and bath time. My only complaint is that the figures seem to have many pivot points and makes it difficult for them to stay standing like normal action figures that size. This seems to frustrate my son at times when he wants the figures to stand or stay sitting. Other than that this is a great set that includes the whole Scooby gang and no small pieces to get lost. That's a plus in my book. They just need to make them a little stiffer and they would get a 5 star rating.
September 12, 2018
My son absolutely adores Scooby-Doo. These figures have been attached to his hands for the past 6 months and held up surprisingly well. Durable and well made. My only complaint is the girlsu2019 skirts prevent you from putting them in a seated position which makes it difficult to get them into the mystery machine.
Fara Cochran
July 4, 2018
Grandson enjoys these figures, although he immediately looked for the mystery machine to put them in (which I had not purchased). He is three and enjoys playing with them.