Quartet Bulletin Board, Cork Board, 2' x 3', Black Frame (MWDB2436-BK) 2' x 3' ACCO Brands

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:1 Board

Color:Black Frame


Product Description

  • Bulletin board is 2 x 3 feet with natural cork surface and an oak finish frame; size is Perfect for wall mounting
  • Cork is fully tackable; secure items with push pins or thumbtacks
  • Mounting hardware and quick step hanging instructions included; ideal for personal use at home

Color:Black frame.  |  Size:1 Board

Display cherished memories on a cork bulletin board. Board easily mounts to wall horizontally or vertically with included hardware. The 2' x 3' board features a fully tackable, natural cork surface and warm, black frame. Perfect for the home, all you need is a few push pins or thumbtacks to create your very own on-the-wall scrapbook. 60-Day warranty.

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Amazon Customer
May 25, 2016
This board was priced at a little over $20. The poor quality and uselessness of the materials going into it is absurd! The thickness of the board barely withstands the length of a small thumb tack! There is a super thin layer of actual Court placed app on cardboard. When you go to push a tac into the board, you can feel the ribs from the cardboard supports crushing under your finger! The company selling this product should be ashamed to put out such garbage. No part of how this product was described in its advertisement is correct. It's unfortunate that people are allowed to get away with that and even more sad that after they would read a review like this, not a single thing would be done to satisfy myself or any other of these customers but going forward no changes will be made to eliminate the terrible service and the future. Don't waste your time Drive the company down by listening to these reviews and making a different choice.
January 22, 2017
This is one of those products where i would give ZERO stars if i could.

Seriously... this is Junk. I bought 3 of these to make pinboard maps as gifts. Here are some major issues.

1. one of the corkboards had severe bubbling.
2. Cork layer is very thin and poorly glued to the cardboard backing.
3. frame is garbage. do not attempt to use painters tape on this. it will ruin the frame.
4. DO NOT apply anything with adhesives to the cork surface.. as the slightest tackiness will pull the cork from the carboard.

this product is probably worth $5 at most....
Cameron Scholtz
January 1, 2017
The board itself is OK quality. Not great, not really bad. However, I will say the quality of the frame has gone down sometime over the past few years. I bought my first Quartet cork board from Staples around ~2012. The frame on that board is noticeably nicer! It appears to be real wood (with real grain). On the other hand, the board I purchased here on Amazon in October 2016 is some kind of particle board with fake looking brown laminate.

I rate it about 3 1/2 stars. Given this board's cheap price, I suppose I got what I paid for. Hindsight being 20/20, I wish I would have paid more for something nicer.
Travis & Kira Thomas
September 19, 2017
I wanted to have a fancy cork board map to push pins through, but I wasn't about to spend what it took to buy one already done. Go ahead, search on Amazon for a cork board map and peruse a bit. So I bought this cork board in conjunction withu00a0
Jacob Sigal
August 8, 2017
So I would go 4stars on this cork board. it has wood on the outside and doesn't look super cheap. installing it was way easier to just drill through the frame to keep it locked in place. however the cork is about 1mm thick before you hit a cardboard backer. It's purely cosmetic. I've had it up in my office and from day one I knew i was pushing the standard push pin through the entire back.

i used some scotch tape to put up a couple labels and went to remove it today and pulled off the cork with the tape. how ghetto is that!

I'm searching now for a cork board that actually has some cork on it....
August 14, 2017
I bought this to turn it into a puzzle board and while I eventually got close to the result I wanted, my overall impression is torn. The frame was actually very well made and solid. Maybe it's because I have never removed the cork from a board before, but the layer of cork was almost 3 sheets of construction paper thin. I used a spray adhesive that stated it was for cork and what not and when I lightly sprayed it on, the cork bubbled and came off.

Even though I used it not as intended, I don't know how well this board would hold up to regular use with the cork being so thin. A few pin uses in one spot and it might crumble. For the price I won't complain. If I needed it as an actual cork board I'd probably pay more and get something better. If you need a frame and plan on covering it with some thicker fabric, this could do the trick at a fraction of the cost.
Erik from California
October 8, 2017
This is a fake corkboard. The layer of cork is almost paper-thin. This is a fake product. I was trying to purchase corkboard, Was this product designed to fool people into picking it up off the shelf? This is a horrible product. This is even more fake than a prop on a movie set. It is so fake, the paper-thin cork started falling off before I even unwrapped it. See the pictures.