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  • 【WOODEN,STABLE,STURDY】-The QBLEEV bird stand is made of wood,and all the parts are connected with screws ,not glue.This way,the stand is more sturdy and more stable.Portable parrot stand is easy to move throughout the home, and you can also put it in the birdcage as a birdcage stand.
  • 【A GREAT GIFT for you bird】-We have 8 kinds of stands to choose.LADDER,SWING,STAINLESS STEEL TRAY, FOOD AND WATER CUPS are included in the package.8 stands are different,you can see the difference from the main picture.Some includes the toys, some not, we note it in the pictures. You can buy our bird toys to decorate your bird’s home,that will be amazing.
  • 【HAVE A FUN ,TRAINING and EXERCISE to keep fit】-Parrots are the cleverest and cutest bird,that is why we keep it as a pet.BUT without always flying in the air and artificial feeding,they are vulnerable and easily get sick.This stand can let your bird get well trained,of course,with your help,and GET MORE EXERCISES to keep fit. The wood bar ‘s diameter is 0.7-INCH,SUITABLE FOR Parakeets African grey Conures Cockatiel Cockatoos Parrotlets
  • 【SAFE and NATURAL】-Our playstand is totally handmade,no any toxic materials.The wood bar desn’t paint poisonous pigment or anything else,just keep natural and original.Plz note,you need to assemble the bird stand by yourself, and the assembling picture is in the 7 pictures.After shipping,we also will send your e-mail a photo of assembling the stand..
  • 【OUR COMMITMENT】-High quality wood bar,screws connection make it totally safe for your birds,colorful toys will appeal your birds to get to the top to keep fit.Pls notice the ASSEMBLY INSTRUCTION PICTURES.If you have any problems after receiving the stand,plz let us know,we will happy to solve it,REFUND OR REPLACEMENT.

Color:Include breeding box(19"L*13"W*21"H)

SPECIFICATIONS:(8 kinds stands,3 of them have nest)
Name:wood parrot stand
Materials:screws,wood bar,stainless steel
√Natural and original wood bar,non-toxic,no smell,safe
√Screws connection,stable,sturdy,durable
√Flexible food and water cups,can be fit on any place of the stand
√Swing,ladder,nest design appeal your birds to get more exercise
√The wood bar diameter 0.7-INCH,SUITABLE FOR Parakeets African grey Conures Cockatiel Cockatoos Parrotlets
√Stainless steel tray-easy to clean
Well constructed, very large, easy to assemble, it is unstable or "wobbles" well,you can get a small screwdrivers and tighten it,
it is tightened and doesn't move.Play gyms are safe, durable, recreation centers for small and medium parrots.
When kept as pets parrots need time outside of their cage to play, to exercise and to interact with their human companions.
With this in mind the skilled team of Qbleev craftsman have designed a system of entertainment and
practical exercise structures for a variety of parrots.
You need to assembly it by youself, and pls notice the pictures,we have assembly instruction picture in them.
Thank you !After shipping,we also will send you a photo of how to assembling it.

Customer reviews(8)

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March 2, 2018
I got the large size playground with breeding box, though I didn't use the box. The size is great for my sun conure. But it is really soft wood and he's already destroying parts of it less than a week in. I know birds are naturally destructive and that things won't last forever but this is a bit too soft. For the price I expect something with a bit more staying power. For a less chewy bird I'm sure its great.
Tara Godinez
October 13, 2017
The product came really fast but was difficult to put together. The instructions were kind of unclear and hard to follow at times. However, the birds seem to love this perch!
July 24, 2018
We made our own play stand for our green cheek conure and this was the perfect accessory to add so he has constant food and water on the stand. It clamps to the dowel we used (if we used a smaller size it may have spun around). Its easy to take on and off for cleaning but sturdy enough for him to sit on the side and pick food out. These cups are pretty deep, I think they would work well for both small and large birds.
L. Mackey
February 22, 2018
The info on the page makes it seem like the nesting box itself measures 16
Angel Sanchez
March 1, 2018
disappointed... The actual size of birds nest is not the size shown in photos. The birds nest is more for little parakeets than medium size birds. My bird canu2019t fit into bird house.
January 10, 2018
I got this item for christmas off of my amazon wish list. It's not that I don't like it in general, although it is smaller than I thought it would be. There were only poor quality picture instructions which were hard to follow, but I was easily able to assemble it by looking at a picture of the stand online, except for mounting the nest box, which I am unable to do because I can't see how to. No obvious way to do it, and in the picture instructions I received did not even have an image of the nest box. I feel bad that my mom paid $99 for it and the main reason I wanted it for was the nest box... Any help/instruction from this company would be much appreciated.
Sharon Brown
October 15, 2018
I just receved this today, way ahead of the projected arrval date of Oct 30. No instructions , no box, no pictures, but a perfect picture on Amazon. Once I got that set up to view, it was a breeze to assemble. Golem, my greencheeked conure, kept watching & commenting the entire time I was working on it. He needs some time to get used to it but I know he will climb all over it once he's acclimated.

I found the QBLEEV Perches Play Stand extremely easy to assemble! I have read numerous comments referring to too short screws, poorly drilled, mismatched holes, & so on. I found everything simple to fit together. I commend the company for addressing the complaints in their present product. I heartily recommend this product.
October 25, 2018
I love these. I have three small ones now, for parrotlets. They clip on the grapevine perch well.