Merit M-9 Cartridge and Spiral Roll Mandrel, 1/8' Pilot Diameter x 1' Pilot Length, 2-3/4' Overall Length, 1/4' Shank Diameter x 1-1/4' Shank Length 1/8 Pilot Diameter x 1 Pilot Length 2-3/4 Overall Length 1/4 Shank Diameter x 1-1/4 Shank Length



The M-9 mandrel securely mounts cartridge and spiral abrasive rolls, also called tapered cartridge rolls, onto a grinder that accepts a /4"-diameter shank. The mandrel fits cartridges and spiral rolls with a /"-diameter center hole and is recommended for -/"-long rolls for maximum performance. The one-piece mandrel body is made of steel for strength and extended tool life. The mandrel has an unthreaded end that accepts a roll and holds it in place with a cone-shaped segment, and it has a /4"-diameter shank that inserts into a grinder's chuck.

Pilot Diameter/"
Pilot Length"
Shank Diameter/4"
Shank Length-/4"
Overall Length-3/4"

Abrasives manufactures abrasives for the deburring and finishing industries. , founded in 945 and headquartered in Cleveland, OH, meets International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards 9000 and 400.

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