InterDesign Microfiber Spa Bathroom Accent Rug, 34” x 21 Inches, Black 34” x 21 Inches 17052

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Product Description

  • 100% Microfiber Polyester
  • Imported
  • SOFT & LUXURIOUS: Plush, super-soft 100% microfiber polyester bathroom rug for maximum comfort.
  • STYLISH ACCENT: Add a splash of color with the attractive, solid black rug - measures 34” x 21”.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The practical, absorbent bathroom rug and has a skid resistant backing for safety.
  • EASY CARE: Machine washable, the low maintenance rug also dries fast - quick and easy laundering.
  • THE INTERDESIGN PROMISE: Bringing you elegant, affordable home products for over 40 years.

Style Name:Set of 1  |  Color:Black

Place this soft microfiber bath mat outside of your bathtub or shower to provide a soft, water-absorbent solution, or in front of your vanity to keep bare feet warm and comfortable. Accent your bathroom décor with a subtle, modern high-low border design, the bath mat has a non-slip backing to keep your rug securely in place, preventing slips and sliding in wet areas. Made from 100% microfiber polyester, the rug is super absorbent and dries quicker than cotton rugs. Soft and cushioned underfoot after a long shower or bath, the comfortable mat adds a touch of spa-like luxury to your bathroom and keeps your toes off the cold, hard floor. Low maintenance, the bathroom mat is machine washable and quick drying for easy laundering. InterDesign’s creative products enhance your décor, turning simple home solutions into must-have elegant accessories that shine. Designed in the USA, we are proud to produce a wide selection of high quality home, bath and storage solutions that excite, inspire and charm. Stylish, functional and affordable, our products have been enriching customers’ homes for over 40 years. InterDesign: innovative products, exceptional value.

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August 9, 2015
This rug has been a disappointment from the start. Some of the fibers are permanently matted down which gives it a weird, mangy look. The edge is also fraying in several places after maybe 5 washes (did not put it in the dryer). Need to replace.
J. Michels
August 2, 2010
These microfiber rugs are excellent. If you need a bath rug that truly absorbs a remarkable amount of liquid while protecting the surface it sits on, this rug is for you. We live in a log home that was built with wood floors throughout the house including the bathroom. Even if the shower door didn't drip at all, the water dripping off of a family of 3 taking a shower every day would have ruined our wood floor, subfloor, etc.

The microfiber rug comes out of the washer spin cycle barely damp and air dries within minutes. There really is no need to put it in the dryer ESPECIALLY on high heat.

It feels fantastic to step/walk on....soft and comfy.
July 14, 2014
It's a beautiful color and a velvety feel under foot.
But, it washes terrible. The very 1st washing it unraveled along the edge and had long loose yarn strings here and there in the center.
I hoped I just got a bad one and exchanged it. No such luck, the replacement rug did the same thing the 1st washing and this time I took extra care and washed it on delicate cycle and air dried it.... Just as unraveled and unsightly loose yarn as before.
Very poorly fabricated, don't waste your money.
Charles Laquidara
June 3, 2017
It looks great! It feels great! It seems like the ultimate spa rug...
Be extra careful about putting it in the dryer. Don't use any great at all! If you do and the backing starts to peel, the scenario gets real ugly. Once the backing begins to peel, even wading it in cold water may clog up your washer, as the peelng back material won't stop falling off. From that point on, washing this rug -- even in cold water -- is a horrible experience. The backing is so poorly made, whatever plastic or rubber material they use SHREDS OFF and the little pieces eventually clog up your washing machine.
If you do end up wanting to purchase this, NEVER dry it except maybe on lowest rate temp possible. I would just hang it and wait a few days for it to dry.
August 10, 2016
I ordered this rug for our guest bathroom. I'm kind of disappointed in it. It is a nice quality, I have washed it many times and it hasn't fallen apart. It's a nice size and doesn't slide around on my bathroom floor.

It looks like it should be soft, but unfortunately that's not the case. It's not uncomfortable to stand on, but it is not as soft as what I was expecting. When you call something a
January 31, 2013
After reading the other reviews of this rug, I held off posting a review until after I'd washed this bathroom rug. When it first arrived I liked it. It's soft, the rubberized non-skid backing works fairly well, and I liked the color.

When I washed it, I washed it in cold water, on the gentle cycle, with only the smaller version of this rug in with other items. It came out of the machine with a small amount of the rug material separated from the rug and matted to the rug. It was a very small amount, and I've seen this behavior before with rugs of a similar material & style. I'd say it was maybe a cubic inch of material. There was no rug material stuck to the sides of the washer. To me, this was good performance for the rug in the washer. I plucked off the separated material from the rug and air-dried it using a white plastic-coated, folding steel drying rack I bought at Home Depot (love 'em - they really come in handy. I have two of them & I've used them for 10 years. They're still in great shape!).

The rugs dried in about half a day, indoors, on the drying rack, in winter (I keep my thermostat set to 65 degrees or lower in winter). The air-dried rugs were fluffy and soft as when they arrived. I had thought when I air-dried them that I might throw them in the dryer on the fluff cycle. There was no need for that.

Bottom line is I'm happy with this rug and its small companion. They are soft, absorbent, wash up well, air-dry reasonably quickly, and look nice.
Stacy M Brown
December 21, 2012
If water gets underneath it doesn't stick to the floor, when you go to get out of the tub it slips out from under your feet. I have tile in the bathroom and two boys, not good for our family.
April 21, 2013
Others have written about the color being not what is advertised. I can live with that, even though the color is closer to a bright lime green rather than the lovely, soft green pictured. I can live with that because I read the reviews and decided to buy it anyway. My bad. What I can't stand about this rug is that it attracts and keeps every speck of dust and dirt in its vicinity. Now, I live in a small, country town and I have 2 dogs. But I sweep my floors daily, but this rug looks like I sweep the floors with it. So then I boldly wash it, in cold water, on a gentle cycle, and it's now falling apart. After 1 wash!!! I thought about returning it to Amazon, but since it's been washed, and since my hubby cut that,