Headphone Adapter for iPhone Adapter 2 in 1 Charger Adapter 3.5mm Jack Convertor Headset Adaptor Earphone Cables Female Music Stereo Extender Earpiece Aux with for iPhone 7 8 X for iOS 10.3 or Later ZCMYFA

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Product Description

  • [Compatible]: perfect solved the problem to compatible with the common audio adapter.
  • [Listening to music and charging, support music control]
  • [Plug and play enabled]: no extra software, you just need to plug and enjoy much clear and fidelity sound quality. It allows you to use your previous Headphone with 3.5mm Jack or using in the car.
  • [Lightweight]: the adapter can be put in your bag or pocket and easy enjoy your music with your phone whenever and wherever.
  • [Please note]: it delivers power in to your phone. However, please note that it does not support syncing or any other USB data.

Product features:
listen music + charging at the same time

Customer reviews(1239)

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September 14, 2015
Rather than just repeat all the positive reviews for this great hearing protector, I thought I'd take a different approach and give you my perspective on some of the specific negative things some reviewers have mentioned in previous reviews. I've owned the Peltor Ultimate 10 for over a month and have used it about a dozen times at indoor and outdoor ranges for 1.5 to 3 hours at a time. So here we go:

"CAN'T ADJUST" - Nonsense! There is over 1 1/4" of vertical adjustment on each cup; plenty of adjustment for any size head.
"DIFFICULT TO ADJUST" - Yes, the adjustors are a bit snug but I see that as a big positive. I've had hearing protectors with adjustors that are too loose and they always seem to be out of adjustment. The Peltor adjustors stay right where you set them. Just pull or push with firm steady pressure to adjust.
"TOO TIGHT" - I've got a large head (size 7 3/4 or x-large) and yes the Peltor was snug at first. But if it's too tight for you, there's a simple fix. I just spread the hearing protector wide open several times and held it that way for a few seconds each time using a little more tension until the protector felt comfortably snug on my head. It just lightens the spring tension of the wires in the head band. I can now wear this hearing protector for 3 hours (probably more) with no discomfort at all. In fact, these are the most comfortable hearing protectors I've ever used.
"THE CUPS ARE TOO BIG" - Well, there's a trade-off here. The Peltor has one of the highest noise attenuation ratings. Sure they're a little bigger than some others but you get outstanding results and my hearing is worth having a little larger hearing protector. However, I should say that I don't find these overly large at all. The protectors which my shooting range provides are noticeably larger than the Peltor yet they are not as effective as the Peltor. Some reviewers have said the Peltor is too big for shooting rifles. I see people with rifles using the larger protectors at the shooting range all the time. It just depends on your priorities. It might be worth buying the slimmer electronic protectors if size really matters to you.
"THEY DON'T BLOCK OUT ALL THE SOUND" - They're not intended to block out all sound!!! They have an excellent noise reduction rating. I have found them to be better than any other set of protectors I have worn at the range. In fact, I used to have to wear foam plugs in addition to a hearing protector with cups while shooting indoors or outdoors. With the Peltor, I no longer wear the foam plugs outdoors and wear them only occasionally indoors, depending on what I and my neighbors are shooting.
"THEY FELL APART" - The set I received is well-made, sturdy, no rattles, no loose parts or foam, tight seams and joints. For the price and weight (only 10.1 ounces), I'm very happy with the build quality.
"THE FOAM PADS HAVE FLATTENED" - Mine haven't changed one bit with fairly heavy usage. Like I said before, these are the most comfortable I've ever had.

No offense to anyone with conflicting ratings/comments. Just wanted to give my perspective on some of the issues raised by others regarding this hearing protector.
I hope this review is helpful.
October 3, 2011
These were the first earmuffs that I bought from Amazon. I need earmuffs because I work at an automobile shop where they use loud power tools such as grinders, cutters, drilling machines, welding machines, compressors etc. They do a great job at blocking the loud noise from these machines.

I want the best possible ear protection possible (at a reasonable cost). Originally when I searched the Amazon site I found the Peltor H10A Optime 105 Over-the-Head Earmuff first. But after comparing the customer reviews I decided to buy this one. I thought since it was intended for shooting it must have a better protection than the H10A.

Some time later when I needed another pair of earmuffs I bought the Peltor H10A which is a little bit cheaper. When I compare the two I see no difference at all in their design and construction except for the color and the packaging they came with. The level of noise attenuation seems to be the same as well.

So if you need a good pair of earmuffs you can either buy this or the H10A. They're essentially the same product with different colors.
January 30, 2016
Ive been in car audio about 5 years. Like professional competition stuff not backyard bs. I run alot of skar audio ct sounds and sundown components and subs. (Skar is my favorite by far!) and i had this amp on 2/0 power wire d4 battery stock altinator and on 2 ddx skar 12s and it was doing an insane beating on those subs even if they can take realisticly 2 of these amps strapped. But the lows are insane. And the highs will make your ears wanna jump off your head. I bought this amp bc a buddy of mine whose been in audio for about 20 years told me about it bc i couldnt afford an sk model amp. I hooked it up and was litterally shocked that an amp under 200 dollars did this. It is heavy very well made i took mine apart and looked at the components inside and they are just as good as any other too shelf amp out there. I promise you wont have a single complaint about them. Any of the comments on here about them breaking is for the most part user error not enough voltage or whatnot bad ground. There is NOTHING wrong with this amp and yes it will take true 4 gauge. I used reducer connectors. To run my 2/0 wire. Extra battery definetly recomended. But not expensive at all. Less than 2 hundred for all wire ,battery ,connectors etc. i give this amp a 100% rating just bc of the power and sound quality your getting out of it.