Happyville Smart Mat by PlaSmart - Multi-Purpose EVA Foam Mat with Giant 78 x 46 Washable Play Surface, Age 0 and up Inc. EVA-PLA

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Product Description

  • USE INDOORS OR OUT - the Happyville Smart Mat is suitable for playrooms, story time, snack time, picnics, the beach, backyard, and classrooms
  • GIANT PLAY SURFACE accommodates two or three children at the same time
  • STIMULATE hours of imaginative play with this durable mat that rolls up for storage when not in use
  • COLOURFULLY DESIGNED with roads, school, carwash, fire station, hospital, and PlaSmart’s headquarters, children will have a ball while running their own cars and other toy vehicles all around town
  • ENJOY PEACE OF MIND: Happyville Smart Mat meets and exceeds all US, Canadian, and European safety standards; CPSIA, CCPSA, ASTM, EN71, and ICTI certified

Product Description

The Happyville Smart Mat is a multi-purpose play mat ideal for any room of the house or school, and even outside at the park, beach or backyard. These durable Smart Mats are easy to clean, excellent for travel, and roll up for storage. They are made from high quality, coated EVA foam and are easily washable. They measure 78” x 46” so your child has plenty of room to let their imagination go wild. The giant surface easily accommodates two or three children at the same time, making this a great way to work on social skills and learn to share. The colourful design with roads, school, carwash, PlaSmart headquarters, fire station and hospital will stimulate your child’s creative play as they navigate the street with their own toy vehicles. Model No EVA-PLA

From the Manufacturer

These coated EVA play mats are as convenient as they are useful. Easy to wipe clean of dirt and spills and includes a strap for easy travel and storage. Children can use their own play cars to race around town. Great for playrooms, classrooms, the beach or yard.

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chasity tutor
March 9, 2014
I don't know what these other reviews are talking about. I almost didn't buy this product because of all the negative reviews claiming that this mat has a horrible deadly chemical smell to it. I do believe those comments are OVER EXAGGERATED. I ordered the mat and when it came in I expected to need gloves and a nose plug according to the other reviews lol. That's not the case. When the rug arrived I unwrapped it and yes it did have a slight smell to it. It smelled like plastic. It wasn't an over bearing smell. It didn't take my breath away. It didn't smell up my whole house like some of these other reviews claim. Several pple said they had to leave it outside? I'm not sure why. Anyhow, yes it does have a faint smell of plastic. Nothing serious, nothing dangerous. My FOUR kids play on this mat DAILY and have now for 3 months straight. They are still alive, my house doesn't smell like chemicals, and the plastic smell on the rug lasted a couple hours if that. Don't let the reviews scare you out of buying this product. It has brought a lot of fun and joy to my children.
January 12, 2014
I was reluctant to buy this because of the reported offending smell (I am very sensitive, and after a major house re-do, have lots of off-gassing with furniture and flooring). It stunk SO bad when it arrived, so we put the mat upside down in our 5th wheel with heavy shoes on the corner and that: allowed for the smell to dissipate quickly, flatten practically overnight, and didn't affect us while it did its thing. I did NOT read carefully (I swear it didn't say it as clearly when I bought it...) and was surprised that it was a placemat/vinyl textured surface. It is quite spongy though, even if it's about 4 mm thick, so it's not uncomfortable to sit or kneel on. We decided to keep it for two reasons: the very large size and the easy clean up if it gets dirty. Our very active three year old loves it, and plays with his older siblings/parents without everyone feeling squished together, just as I wanted. I gave it four stars because I wish the pattern didn't obviously repeat three times... not sure why it does that, but we decided it wasn't a deal breaker.
Ali Drapeau
June 27, 2016
I spent forever looking for one with the little roads on it and this one was perfect. Not only is it huge but it's easy to clean! I bought this because we have carpet in the living room and I'm really creeped out at the idea of my baby playing on carpet. I'm so happy I found this because the size allows him to crawl around with plenty of room to spare. I will say this, the smell was STRONG. It gave me such a bad headache, I put it in the garage to air out. By the end of the day it still smelled but no where near as much. As soon as I laid it down the scent was completely gone because its mostly the back of it that smells. Now even when I do lift it there is no more scent to it. Don't let that scare you off into not buying it, its a fantastic play mat. Especially for the price! I might even get another one to keep at his grandparents house. Definitely would recommend this!
MJ. Fiore
February 12, 2014
I was a little apprehensive to order this play mat for my 3 year old son due to all of the complaints about the odor. When I did receive it, it had a slight plastic smell but within an hour, it was gone and I haven't smelled it since. It is large for those of you who don't look at the measurements like me, but it is so worth it because if 3 or 4 kids are playing on the mat, there is plenty of room for all of them to play ! I really like this mat and would highly recommend it !
Jared B.
March 22, 2014
I bought this for my kid's new bedroom in our new home so that they'd have something to keep them occupied if I ever need to trap them in their room for a little bit and I was hoping it would make them excited again to play with their toys that they've been avoiding since we've moved in. When it came in the mail, yes there was a scent. After reading the other reviews, I was a bit worried that the fumes would be a problem. But when we opened it up and spread out the mat, I realized that my son's diapers had more toxic fumes than this mat had. I don't know why people flip out about it so much. We went to the zoo and when we came back, the scent had died down a lot. We laid it out and put a few things on the edges to help flatten it out and my kids had so much fun! It was exactly what I was hoping for. It was big so it gave them plenty of room to share the mat and play on it. It's made out of a nice material that's easy to clean and maintain. I'd prefer this over a fabric rug any day. The kids don't care that the pattern repeats 3 times. It just gives them more ability to share the mat and play with it how they want. This is overall an awesome buy. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for something like this.
July 24, 2013
As others have noted this mat does have a very strong chemical smell to it. I read all of the reviews before purchasing, so I expected a smell. When it arrived I pulled it out and the first thing I did was smell it! Neighbors probably thought I was weird, standing outside sniffing a giant colorful roll.

AT FIRST, I actually liked the smell. It smelled a little like cherry car freshener? BUT, inhale too much and it actually BURNS. It goes from that cherry sweet smell to almost something borderline ammonia? After a day the sweet smell had faded quite a bit and after a few days of airing outside the smell was mostly gone.

My little guy loves this thing. He sat for hours quietly playing on a car mat while we were at Pep Boys for a few hours getting my car tuned up and looked over. I bought him a pack of cars from the store and he was at it for hours. I decided he needed one for the home! Sadly, most of these mats are just soooooo expensive. I was excited to come across this one. And for the size it's an amazing price! I like that it is NOT carpet. Which means it wont end up looking like the one at Pep Boys! It wipes down nice and easy. We love it.