Grumbacher Final Fixative Gloss Spray, 11-3/4-Ounce Can, #543

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Product Description

  • Used to fix and protect dry media such as pastels, charcoal, and graphite.
  • Can be used on paper, photographs, printed material, and ceramics
  • Non-yellowing, colorless and flexible
  • Fast-drying, glossy finish can be drawn over when dry
  • Made in USA

Grumbacher Final Fixative Gloss Spray is used to fix and protect dry media such as pastels, charcoal, and graphite. Always test on a scrap surface with a similar media application as your final work before use. Use in a well ventilated area with temps above 65 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity below 65%. Follow safety instructions on can.  Fixatives may darken media depending on the media, the amount of media, and the substrate. Do not over-apply as it will cause a more dramatic color shift and may cause pastels to dissolve.  Shake 1-2 minutes before use. Clear the nozzle by spraying a few blasts onto scrap paper, turn can upside down and spray until only gas comes out. Set work vertically and spray 12 inches from the artwork. Overlap spray about 1/2 inch on each pass with light coats. Turn artwork 90 degrees and wait 5-7 minutes between each coat. Allow to dry completely before touching. Made in USA.

Customer reviews(7)

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June 9, 2017
great, but price increased 12 dollars......bye bye
June M. Hatton
August 1, 2016
Grumbacher is the best. Pur family has used your products for over 30 years.
Aspiring Artist and Designer
April 12, 2017
Grumbacker is one of the best got buy for this stuff. My niece is an actual artist, where as I am aspiring and have it as a hobby. She does not use any of this stuff. But when I use charcoal, carbon or pastel I use it after I am done so I do not smudge as I am a klutz!!!. Got both gloss and matt finish.

Grumbacker one of the best, got matt and gloss finish My niece is an actual artist, I am aspiring and a hobby...
July 14, 2013
I have tried several fixatives but come back to Grumbacher. It always works and even I can do slight changes in shading afterward.
Even when the drawing is
February 26, 2017
Great for protecting my work. Wouldn't be without it.
February 20, 2016
I've been using pastels for years and was introduced to this product by a professor. Absolutely love it. Sprays on easily and does not darken photos like many other products.
October 15, 2018
This fixative works well with colored pencils. It helps seal the pencils. It dries quickly and once dry, you can reapply pencils over the fixative. It will help reduce wax bloom when sprayed over wax-based pencils. I also found that the spray doesn't smell as strongly as other fixatives.