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  • EXTRA STRENGTH: Our hot pressed sponges will last longer and work harder than most others. All melamine erasers will shrink with use but ours are twice as strong as similar products.
  • ALL PURPOSE: Remove almost any stain or smudge from most surfaces. This includes metals, ceramics, wood, glass, and even clothes.
  • NO ADDITIVES: Our sponges are SGS tested to have 100% melamine composition. No detergents, scents, or colorings are used. Simply pour water, squeeze excess, erase.
  • SEALED PACKAGING: Every two sponges are packaged in sealed plastic for long term storage. For a value pack this is a must.
  • COMFORTABLE SIZE: All 30 sponges come in the standard size without a mix of smaller sponges to make the number, as is the case with most value packs.

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Alan B.
September 19, 2016
These are the best magic sponges I have used! I previously purchased another bulk generic sponge and after trying these, will never go back! At first I was a little disappointed that they were smaller than my old ones, but then realized they make up for it in density. For comparison, I used one of my other generic pads to clean one shower and one of these XS pads on the other shower. You can clearly see how much better they hold up! Highly recommend!
March 15, 2018
These magic sponges are awesome -- I have an old claw foot tub and the porcelain on the bottom is really rough and hard to clean. The
D. Que
May 26, 2018
These Magic Sponges really do last a LONG TIME. These are much denser than some of the other ones that call themselves Extra Strength. I purchased another brand that was twice as thick as the regular sponge, but it was made from lighter weight material, and they didn't last long, they fell apart just like all the standard sponges, they were just thicker, so they fell apart in larger pieces. These are equivalent to the brand name long-lasting bath sponge. Without the brand name price tag. Great product!
J. P. King
August 2, 2017
I read the hype on this product and thought I'd give it a shot. First thing I did was put a pad to work on our anodizied aluminum shower frame. By George, it cleaned that metal in a few strokes. I then kneeled in the shower and rubbed a pad over the floor tiles. Hot darn. You could see the scum come off almost immediately. I don't know what's going on with this
July 7, 2017
I have used Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser sponge & it does not even hold a candle to this product.
I used one sponge all day and cleaned the following without the sponge falling apart: walls & baseboards, doors, sinks, double ovens, stove top, & floors.The one little sponge held up until the very end, even with constant rinsing & ringing it out vigorously. Had this been the national brand, it wouldn't have lasted for an hour or so, if was lucky!
I am now sharing with friends and family. I will definitely continue to use this sponge. I will never go back to any other brand!
K. Koch
February 2, 2018
OMG! I love these!!! I had bought some cheaper ones several months ago from another site and they fell apart as soon as you picked them up. So far these are the closest to the well named brand that everyone knows. They hold up for just about every task you expect a magic eraser to do. I will definitely be ordering these again. I have a residential cleaning business and we use these every day in our homes.
January 1, 2018
I just received my shipment of cleaning sponges and have not used them yet. However, when I read reviews from other users, I was encouraged to try this product as it was less expensive than the
September 4, 2017
These are great! As a residential cleaning company owner, we have pretty much replaced the sponge with magic erasers, and subsequently go through a LOT of these (which can be very costly). So to cut down on costs, I did my research and decided on these. I'm glad I did! No complaints at all with these, and they're pretty darn close to the more expensive, name brand, thick magic erasers. I bought this pack about two months ago and I still haven't gone through half of them (I have approximately 30 repeat clients a month). Will definitely buy these again when I run out. :)