Electriduct Pack of 6 Pair of Plastic Park Right Parking Mat Guides for Garage Vehicles, Antiskid Car Safety - Gray

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Product Description

  • Fits all cars, trucks and SUVs | Order for 6 Parking Mats | Color: Gray
  • Its design provides the driver with an accurate stopping point to position the vehicle in the right spot
  • Helps park your car without going too far | Prevents damage to the vehicle and surrounding items.
  • Adhesive tape strips pre-applied keep it in place
  • Reflective strip to increase visibility

Add our Parking Mat Guide in your garage for a safety measure to prevent any vehicle mishaps while parking. Set the distance, use the adhesive backing to secure mat in place, and let the parking mat guide you to safely parking every time. The strong plastic material with diamond tread is durable and provides additional traction when your vehicle is driving onto the mat. Only one mat is needed, but 2 is always best just to support the various speeds and vehicle weights when parking. Choose between 3 different colors: Black, Gray and Yellow

Customer reviews(37)

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July 20, 2017
The three straps of tape stick well to the garage floor but not well at all to the parking stops. I've had to replace the tape twice on these stops. There appears to be a slightly oily residue on the stops which affects how well the tape sticks.

After several months with these parking mats, I am giving up. They continue to slide forward even when I drilled into my garage floor and attached with screw in the provided hole at the back of each mount. They simply tore through the hole and slide forward. Extra tape, hard mounted...no good. Changing to 2 stars.
Brandon Lundy
January 17, 2018
Much less than thrilled! Only one mat had adhesive so the one without was the pointless. They one with adhesive doesn’t stick to the floor. It moves everytime our car (BMW X5) goes over it! Don’t waste your money. We have requested a refund
tomas mendez
September 14, 2018
The stick tape will not hold. Even after applying more double side tape and after screwing to the floor it slips off.
Keith H.
January 30, 2018
Tape on the bottom designed to hold the unit in place does not stick to concrete in cold weather. Im not sure if it does in warm weather, but, its January in Ohio right now
January 17, 2018
Has strips on back to position in parking space but does not hold. Slides all over garage floor
Just Mike's Opinion
August 30, 2018
Was worried that it would slip forward/backward when using - as old stops did (lasted over 10 years). Didn't need to tape to floor - stock in place well. Easy to sense, when driving over to stop.
August 9, 2017
Tried a few others. Only one that stays put.
Francisco Torres
July 10, 2018
Very nice construction however it’s limited by the way it attaches to the floor. It works for a few months but the double stick tape is not enough and eventually gave way. Would recommend attaching it to the floor with a second method