Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat for Tummy Time International Playthings E00186

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Tummy time is essential for developing strong head, neck, and shoulder muscles as well as defining certain motor skills. The Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat is the perfect tummy time activity with water and brightly colored friends to entice babies. With the Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat, young ones can experience water fun without even getting wet! Rain or shine, youngsters can have fun in the sun with this brightly colored inflatable play mat that has delightful underwater scenes, fun fish, and a smiley sun painted around the edge. Simply fill the inflatable edge of the mat with tap water and kids can have hours of tactile and visual fun! The play mat is made from heavy gauge plastic which resists leaks and tears. It folds flat when the water and air are let out which makes it a great take-along toy that easily fits into a diaper or toy bag. Earlyears, an Epoch Everlasting Play brand, is designed for developing young minds. They boast safe, award winning, high quality baby toys that stimulate and develop sensory, motor, cognitive, and social skills. They make toys for any baby from newborns to 12 months and older. Package contains (1) Earlyears Fill ‘N Fun Water Play Mat for Tummy Time. The play mat includes 6 fun friends, starfish, octopus, sea horse, turtle and 2 fish. The play mat is made from heavy gauge plastic which resists leaks and tears. Measures 20" x 17". For ages 3-18 months.

From the Manufacturer

Earlyears infant toys and activities are designed to nurture, stimulate and challenge the minds and bodies of growing babies by focusing on 4 areas of development: sensory stimulation, motor skills, cognitive abilities and social skills. Our high-quality, beautifully designed, award-winning toys for babies span the full spectrum of play patterns and possibilities. With our much loved Earlyears products, there's something for everyone.

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Ann R.
September 14, 2010
When you take this item out of its box and unfold it, you see 2 separate valves (one very large valve and one standard inflating valve). The standard valve allows you to blow air into the border of the mat - that most people can figure out. The large valve is the way in for water filling. Sounds easy enough... until you notice that this valve is 'blocked' - in other words, where you expect a big, fat opening, there is very thick plastic. Here's the part that's easy to miss: the opening to this valve is 'blocked' with a very shallow 'cup' that has an inch long slit at its bottom/inner seam, on the side opposite from where the valve cover attaches. When you squeeze this shallow 'cup' in at the sides, that slit opens into a conveniently sized access point for filling water from a tap. Don't forget to work out the folds and kinks in the mat (especially near where the fill valve is) to allow water to flow smoothly into the mat cavity. And one more thing: When you are done filling with water, some suggest adding a few drops of non-chlorine bleach. Then hold the mat by the filling valve (so that the valve is the highest point) gently resting the mat in a sink. Then, gently squeeze out as much excess air as you can before closing the valve.

Different people might prefer different water fill levels. I filled it such that as I held the filled mat by the water filling valve and let the filled cavity hang, it appeared just over half full. That level seemed to work well for my daughter.

We just received and filled the mat today and my daughter, who is a very late crawler and has strongly resisted tummy time, spent over 30 minutes supporting her upper body with her arms and playing with the mat. I am very pleased with the purchase and believe I have found the key to giving my daughter the incentive she needs to build those weight supporting muscles.
November 25, 2016
My 3-month old enjoys this. He usually dislikes tummy time but this interests him so he can tolerate it longer.

My biggest complaint so far is that it stunk like death when I took it out of the box today. This may be BPA and Phtalate-free (although the box makes zero mention of either of these benefits), but judging by the smell I can almost guarantee you that it contains PVC. Which if you have researched environmental contaminants at all you would know PVC is frickin' poison. I will let it offgas for a while, but in the meantime and perhaps always, letting him put his hands all over it and then suck on his hands makes me extremely uncomfortable.

Also, what is everyone talking about with the valve being hard to fill? They must have changed the design because my water valve is gigantic and couldn't be easier to fill. Please see picture.
January 18, 2017
Very strong chemical smell! I am not sensitive to smells and odors. Of all of the toys I have ever purchased for my 3 kids, this is the first time I've written a negative review regarding a bad odor.
Purchased this water mat for my 4 month old at Christmas. The chemical smell filled the air when I opened the box on Christmas morning. Went ahead and filled the mat w/water assuming it would air out...it did not. The mat has been laying out for nearly a month now, just put it down on the floor for my baby and immediately noticed the strong smell again.
I will be draining and trashing this mat. Total waste of money.
September 5, 2016
I love this mat! It has kept my daughter occupied for many weeks now! She loves hearing the water sloshing around, and the little shapes moving around inside! This is a perfect tool to use to get babies more interested in tummy time! My daughter was not super into tummy time, and as soon as I gave her this, she didn't mind it at all! The colors are vibrant, the air has stayed in it, there haven't been any leaks. When I first filled it up, I didn't fill it as much as I could have, and that's definitely not right. It's more fun and the shapes move around better if there is just a small air pocket left in it. After I filled it up all the way, it made more sense. We have a little foam mat area where my daughter plays, and we keep this there, and our dog has stepped on it several times and it has not popped or torn (and he is an 85 pound lab!) Overall, this is a great toy and a great tool to use to get babies to like tummy time or even just to enhance it if they already like it.
A reader
November 30, 2017
The bad:
- The plastic smell was truly overwhelming and seemed to cling to whatever touched it (i.e. baby's skin). The few times I've used the playmat, I put a cloth over a portion to lay baby on.
- Just discovered mold growing inside the water tonight.

The neutral:
- No instructions but it wasn't too hard to figure out how to inflate/fill.
- My baby wasn't really taken with the playmat. He looked at it and then promptly tried to eat it. He eventually did
March 24, 2018
Ok so the product itself is exactly as is shown.
It had a really strong industrial plasticy smell that I just couldn't get off even though I washed it and wiped it a couple of times.
And as for my baby, she doesn't love it. She likes to try and eat it and that makes me nervous because I'm afraid it might just tear and cause a chocking hazard. My cat is fascinated by it though!
I guess it might be a great buy if your baby doesn't like tummy time, but mine just loved tummy time since the beginning so I don't think this was a worthy/necessary buy.