DOMIRE 40 Pack Slime Containers, Leakproof Clear Plastic Foam Ball Storage Containers with Lids for 2 oz Slime 4336860739

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Product Description

  • Slime Storage Container Size: Upper caliber 6.8 cm/ 2.67 inches, lower caliber 5.5 cm / 2.3 inch, height 3cm/ 1.2 inch
  • Slime Container Quantity: 40 pack clear foam ball storage containers, which can accommodate 2 oz slime, package totally weight approx 235 Gram
  • Good sealing property, no leaks or drips, allow you to store your slime for maximum freshness and organization
  • Slime Container Material: Made of translucent and recyclable PP, have a PP recycle mark at the bottom,stackable, washable, reusable,allows you to label and see all your slime
  • Stackable and handy, slime containers can be stacked together, and easy to move from one place to another, it can save a lot of space

Customer reviews(8)

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August 27, 2018
I bought this solely to store my chinchilla's snacks that came in little ziploc bags but I ended up loving them so much that I started using them for other things.
They're really cute and the lids are pretty secure.
I've never had any pop open or spill anything!
Anji Sandage
September 4, 2018
I got the first order of containers and then ordered another package :) They are great! My daughter is making slime to sell at a farmers market. These are good quality and the price is very good. I like the tab on the lid - it makes it easy to open.
October 17, 2017
I got this for my daughter and it doesn't fit well. It bunches up in the middle (top and bottom). Also, the buttons on the side are not covered (in case anyone was wondering).

Really though, it is super cute.
Mrs. H
September 10, 2018
Just what we needed- a place to put all the many colors of slime the kids are concocting. No leaks so far!
August 16, 2018
Item is of great quality and great value for the quantity for price. Item is made well and should last for long time. Bought to store my yogurt starters. Stackable and easy to put tape on top to mark the type of yogurt and the date.
Margaret & Keith Westfall
September 20, 2018
She loved it!
Bought for an 8 year old for her putty
vickie Clark
August 17, 2018
They are not big enough to hold anything. I will look for larger ones.
January 4, 2018
Super cute and fun phone case. She liked it and it was a conversation piece