BOSTITCH SX50351-3/8G 1-3/8-Inch by 18 Gauge by 7/32-Inch Crown Finish Staple (3, 000 per Box)

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Product Description

  • 18-gauge narrow crown finish staple
  • Box of 3,000 staples
  • 7/32-inch crown, 1-3/8-inch galvanized staple
  • Compatible with a variety of staplers
  • Ideal for work on wood trim, cabinets, and more

Product Description

Fits: Bostitch SSX, T40 SX-CT, SB-150SX, SB-2IN1 and SB150SX-HD. Rental.

From the Manufacturer

1-3/8" x /" (crown) Finish

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December 22, 2017
These 1 3/8" are the perfect size for 2 up 1 by boards. Double sheet of plywood; double stack of planks. Perfect

These are perfet because when countersunk a bit as you want them - they still are 1/16" or so below the other end. Works even with the Euro plywood sizes such as doubled up 3/4"

All the box stores only have 1 1/2" and those will poke through - and sometimes just enough to scrape the heck out of you.
April 3, 2014
Maybe the price was right for a reason. The price was significantly less than a big retailer and I think amazon's shipping speed is superb. However, when you are shipping small but heavy item like boxes of 3000 staples, there needs to be a little more care taken in packaging and handling.
I basically received a shipping box with dozens of loose and broken strips of staples. Each of 3 Bostitch boxes (9000 staples) were broke open and torn in pieces with loose and broken strips inside the shipping box. This will make loading staples a bit more of a hassle when the strips are not full. Although the stapler has yet to arrive, I suspect I will have a pile of broken unusable partial strips when I am finished stapling down my flooring.
June 3, 2016
Would have given a 5 star rating but the package arrived damaged and the staples had spilled out of the box and had broken apart. We managed to cobble them all up and get them into the pneumatic staple gun and to our amazement it worked!
May 2, 2018
just what the Doctor ordered.. works great !
Smiling Jack
December 22, 2013
Speedy service, quality product, reasonable pricing and having this product available from Amazon is great. I purchased the Factory Reconditiond Bostitch 18-Gauge Narrow Crown Stapler and ordered one box for a spare. I recommend this product for anyone looking for crown staples.
June 20, 2013
What else can you say. They load well and work fine. I'm a builder and always use Bostich for my air guns. No 5 star due to poor packaging. The boxes come apart so easily that you have to really handle carefully to avoid spilling the lot. Of course, this is the same with any brand of staples or brads.
November 4, 2017
have to put in a hardwood floor, bostitch makes good product
August 5, 2013
I ran about 7000 of these through my Bostitch flooring stapler while putting down about 1100sf of hardwood without a single jam. The holding power was pretty significant too. Any floor boards that I had to take back up had to have the staples torn through them, as those staples were NOT coming out without a fight.