BILLET4X4 U.S. made AMSTEEL BLUE PLOW ROPE 3/16 inch x 12 ft (5, 400 lb strength) (VEHICLE RECOVERY)



Product Description

  • SAME ROPE AS OUR WINCHROPES! Heavy-duty rope thimble with Class II locking eye splice, and heat-shrink cover. Excellent durability and strength to diameter ratio.
  • Replace your winch rope or cable for snow plow season, saves wear and tear on your winch line.
  • Extra-large terminal end, with rope heat-shrunk prior to being glued and crimped into the terminal.
  • We also highly recommend our aluminum Hawse fairleads, specifically designed for synthetic winch rope use. Do not use a roller fairlead to guide your winch rope. It's simple - have the right equipment, so everything works as designed.
  • Weighs less than 1/6 of steel cable. Won't unravel in storage. Can't develop sharp frays. Doesn't recoil. Won't rust. Doesn't kink. Doesn't stretch. Doesn't store energy.

AmSteel Blue is the latest development of HMPE fiber in a twelve-strand braided rope utilizing Parallay design with proprietary blue urethane coating. Synthetic winch rope was introduced to the off-road vehicle markets in the 1990’s. It has rapidly become a must-have accessory for both hard-core rockcrawlers and off-road enthusiasts. U.S. Made Amsteel Blue synthetic fiber rope has a higher breaking strength than that of steel cable of the same diameter, and remarkably weighs less than 1/6. It won't get all wound-up like cable when unspooled. It can't develop sharp frays, and it doesn't conduct electricity or heat (won't freeze your hands in winter). It won't rust, doesn't kink, doesn't recoil, doesn't stretch, or doesn't store energy. Need we say more!

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