BESDATA Universal Car Cassette Player Adapter with 3.5mm Male Jack and 2.5mm Plug Adapter for iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3, Mobil Device, Black FBA_KD100

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Product Description

  • Car Cassette Adapters for iPod, iPad, iPhone, MP3, Mobil Device, 3 Ft Cable 3.5mm Male and 2.5mm Male Adapter
  • Pops right into your car's cassette deck to play music from your iPod or iPhone
  • Lightweight, portable design stores easily when not in use.Spring-loaded cassette head maintains solid contact with your cassette tape player's head for clear sound
  • Improved cassette head mechanism for improved sound quality
  • Dual Balanced conductors delivers more natural audio

Music on the Road
Traveling with music is a great way to make a long car trip go by quick, but radio stations do not always play your favorites.
Taking along CDs allows you to play what you want, but fumbling through discs while you drive is not safe and carrying a large number of discs can be awkward.
Carrying personal media devices such as an iPod are a great way to take your music with you, but these devices are meant for a single user with headphones, how do your friends hear what is being played?
Driving Tunes for Everyone
With the Monster iCarPlay Cassette 800, all of the music stored on your iPod, iPhone, Android phone, or MP3 player is just a click away.
Simply connect the cable into your player's headphone jack, pop the cassette adaptor into your car's cassette player and all of your music is now playing through car's audio system. Enjoy your music and share with the whole car for the entire trip...
Special Monster Features
Since cassette decks in cars are not always laid out in the same manner, the iCarPlay Cassette 800's cable can be moved from one end of the cassette to the other. This allows for hassle free operation, no matter how your car's cassette deck is laid out.

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Jared Bangs
October 22, 2015
Sound was only played out of one side of the stereo system in my car (Honda Pilot) with this particular adapter. I ordered the Car Cassette Adapter from RCA to replace this one, and it worked correctly (sound in both sides).

I believe the difference is due to the size and/or position of the contact points on the part of the adapter that is exposed to the tape deck. As you can see from the attached picture, the working RCA model (top) has two contact points, covering most of the metal surface. The single-side only BESDATA model (bottom) has only a small connection surface, shifted to one side.

Hope this helps.
October 10, 2015
So, I've tried pretty much every cassette adapter there is. Anything from $2 ones from china and $20 from Monster. My issue was that it keeps ejecting or trying to flip to the other side, both of which resulting in no music. THIS WAS NOT AN EXCEPTION. However, it may somehow be my car stereo that's the issue, so accepting that fact I found a solution online.

Here's how to fix the ejecting cassette (it will take some work, but you'll have music in your car!):

1) Get a precision screwdriver set. (I used the one here:
2) Take off all the screws & open the cassette.
3) Take out ALL the little gears leaving nothing but the chip on the bottom and the cable. Take the cable and put it on the OPPOSITE side of the cassette.
4) Close, put the screws back on and voila.

Hopefully this saved you all the pain that I had to go through. I was considering replacing the entire stereo. Overall, this is the best quality cable you'll get for the price. I am finally able to enjoy some tunes in my car.
April 28, 2018
This sucks.
I had a really good one before. It lasted a year. Then it just stopped working. I've ordered 2 different ones in the last week and they've both been poop.
This one stops the music every 20 seconds and acts like its flipping the tape over to the other side... which makes no sense because theres no tape...
So a 3 minute song will take 6 minutes to play through the whole thing. It's really annoying.
The other one I had was super noisey. Like... you had to blast the music to drowned out the sound of the tape "spinning"

I'm very disappointed. Sad.
April 29, 2016
I always get the cheap cassette adapters now because expensive ones really don't have any better quality than these cheap ones I get. Nor do they last longer. I find it better to buy two cheap ones than one expensive one because it's like a 50/50 chance of getting a good one no matter how much you spend on it. If you're going to start spending lots of money on a cassette tape adapter, just replace your stereo with one that already has an audio jack. That's the only way you'll actually get the top quality sound anyways. Every adapter in the world will always have loss and be imperfect.
If you don't want to spend the money on getting a new stereo installed, check out for videos and help to do it yourself. They also have some good deals on it. I replaced mine as a high school student with no electrical experience for under $100. It's not too rough.
Jersey Jeanne
October 1, 2016
Trust me when I say it'll stop working. I usually dont listen to the people who say "it stopped working after a month!"...but it legit did. Not only for mine, but for my brothers too, who has the exact same one as this. Mine would just not play at all and my brothers stopped working after a while; it would give the crappiest audio unless you turned it at this exact way and held down the jack or something. So yes, its completely broken. Anytime I would turn the aux would just get messed up. Dont waste your money. Its not that great of a deal.
April 11, 2016
Worked great in the beginning, but after 4 months of careful use, it simply doesn't work anymore.

After a while the audio quality would dip in and out, sometimes it would sound great, other times it just didn't sound FULL. I attributed this to my old stereo, and was able to temporarily fix the quality by ejecting and re-inserting the tape adapter. Slowly it started to take more and more times re-inserting before getting good quality. Now I can only hear anything if I bend and HOLD the audio jack.

I thought it might be my phone jack at first, but my phone jack works perfectly fine with literally any other audio cable. Then I thought it must be my car stereo, so I tried using my old cheap tape adapter and it works WAY better! I can't believe my old crappy adapter I was trying to REPLACE still works better than this brand new one.

This product has a nice design and LOOKS sturdy, but it's performance has been very random in my case. It really seems to have a mind of its own, cannot recommend.
John Cruz
November 8, 2015
Disclaimer: For what it's worth, I'm using this mainly with an iPod classic into a stock car head unit.

Sound is somewhat "tinny", it completely cuts out the bass on a lot of tracks depending on the mix. If whatever you are plugging into it - your phone, iPod, etc. or the stereo head unit where the tape is going into can really bring up the bass and bring down the high end to make it sound more like you're used to then you can get a decent enough sound out of it to keep you happy.

If not, it's going to sound like AM radio and you're better off buying one of those adapters that plugs into the CD changer port that you can just run a 3.5mm headphone jack cable into.
March 26, 2016
I ordered this to use the cassette player in my 06 GMC pickup to listen to audio books on my Kindle. It is easy to use since it plugs into the kindle and the cassette adapter slides right in the player. I would recommend ordering a cassette head cleaner if the cassette player hasn't been used in a while. It will help take the static out. A bonus use was I could use it to listen to music or Iheart radio on my phone thru the truck speakers when I was in an area that had poor radio reception or just had no stations I liked