Bath Dry Body Brush-Natural Bristles Back Scrubber With Long Wooden Handle for Cellulite & Exfoliating by Yolika

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"The Secret to Healthy, Beautiful Skin"
Are you tired of that your bath brush always falls out?
Do you wish that your shower brush wouldn't come apart when you apply pressure or start scrubbing?
Do you want to have a body washer with long handle for your convenient using and brushing?
Do you desire to have a multi-function brush which can remove your dirt and dead skin completely, what's more, can be used as a body massager for relaxing yourself?
Our Yolika bath body brush will give you a perfect answer if you try it!
Product Features :
1. Super Long 16" Bath Brush. You can easily reach your feet and back.
2. High Quality Bamboo Handle, Antibacterial and eco-friendly
3. Perfect For Dry / Wet Body Brush. Reduce cellulite & exfoliates for Men / Women / Children.
4. Risk Free. We Offer 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
* Please allow slight measurement deviation for the data.
* With the certain hardness, everyone has different feeling to the bristles. We recommend that you soak with warm water for about 2 minutes to slightly soften it before use.
What are you waiting For? Order Your Yolika Long Handle Bamboo Bath Brush NOW!

Customer reviews(8)

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Amazon Customer
May 15, 2017
This brush is very well made and beautiful.The long handle makes it very easy to use. It's great and feels wonderful on your skin. Not too abrasive at all. Love it!
February 17, 2018
I waited a while to review this product, because I wanted to see how it would hold up after being in the damp environment. After a few months, I'm surprised to find it hasn't any mold all. Not around the base of the bristles, or more amazing, around the handle/rope. It's a great size brush, making it easy for tall people to get those hard-to-reach areas of the back. The bristles haven't shed excessively (or even noticeably for me) and I have no complaints! I recommend this product!
John L. Buchanan
April 4, 2018
I love the texture and the wood finish of this brush and suspect that it'll last longer than others we've had. However, the white plastic that holds the brissels has a crack in it. I also removed the cotton rope and replaced with nylon paracord that is more mold resistant.
Jason Kerr
July 19, 2018
Seemed sturdy at first until the Plastic ring that holds the bristles started cracking and the bristles started falling out faster than a middle aged balding man. Save your money for a better brush.
September 5, 2017
The bristles are soft and there are a lot of them. The material of the handle feels and looks like bamboo and the woven string on the end is a nice touch. This brush is larger and nicer in person than I imagined. It will make a great gift.
glam giver
June 29, 2018
This is really well made and the bristles are perfect for getting a gentle but stimulating blood flow without harming delicate skin.
Emily Tenenbaum
February 1, 2018
I was skeptical if I would like haveung a shower brush...but after using this for the first time, I found my self wondering why I had waiting all these years. This is a great quality product, the bristles are soft to the touch but still durable. I really like the twine at the handle of the brush for great gripping ability. My husband just asked to order one for him! Overall great product and great value!
Mark H
September 20, 2018
For a few weeks, this was a nice shower brush. Then the plastic part came apart, allowing the bristles to fall out of the brush head and clog the drain. Glue was only a temporary solution. Had to throw the brush away long before it was worn out.