A&H Abrasives™ 6' X 158' Aluminum Oxide Resin-Bond Open-Coat Sander Belts, (x-Weight) Cloth Backing



The best abrasive belts for general woodworking applications. ™ belts are made from the finest quality materials. The premium grade friable Aluminum Oxide breaks away in use to expose new sharp edges. The abrasive is bonded to the X-weight cloth backing with industrial strength proprietary resins in an open coat (50-80% grain coverage) arrangement to allow maximum stock removal with minimum loading. The X-weight backing is "triple flexed" which enhances flexibility and does not interfere with belt integrity. The belts feature bi-directional, high-strength, no-bump, urethane-bonded Mylar® butt joints that can be run in either direction increasing the total service life of the belt. Made in Wyoming, USA with components from USA and Mexico. Premium Aluminum Oxide grain delivers sharp and durable performance. Resin bond anchors the abrasive to the backing for longer belt life. X-weight cotton cloth backing is tear resistant and dissipates heat for cooler sanding. The best belts for general woodworking. Bi-directional, high-strength, no-bump, urethane-bonded Mylar® butt joints.

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