480 Pcs White Decorative 3mm Manmade Pearl Straight Head Pins uxcell a10041000ux0033

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Product Description

  • Product Name : Imitation Pearl Head Pin;Material : Metal, Plastic
  • Color : White;Pin Size : 3 x 37mm/ 0.12" x 1.5" (D*L)
  • Size : 80 x 31mm/ 3.15" x 1.2" (D*H)
  • Weight : 94g
  • Package Content : 1 x Imitation Pearl Head Pin

480 Pcs imitation pearl head pins for decorative function.
3mm diameter Imitation Pearl head design with slim pins.

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May 30, 2015
We are using these to make Hydrangea Centerpieces for our wedding. (Poking them through card stock petals, and into styrofoam balls.) Every once in a while a pearl head will pop off, or the metal won't be sharp enough to poke through, (in which case we just poke a hole through the card stock with another pin, and use the dull pin afterwords.) but you really can't beat the price. I would say there are roughly 3 unusable pins per 480 package. These have saved us tons of money. We've ordered 7 packages so far, and they always arrive earlier than expected. (Since these ship out from China!!!) I'm not sure how these would work with fabric, but if you're making centerpieces like ours I highly recommend! I hope this helps.
February 7, 2013
I purchased these to block my knittings, and they work very well for that. However, I have used them for a couple sewing projects as well, and I have to say, the company could use some quality control, but you get what you pay for.

They are long
Most are sharp
They are easy to spot in darker cloth
The disk thing they come in is a fantastic idea

A couple are rusty
Some are blunt
They bend easily
So far, Three of the heads have popped right off. (And slipped right under a fingernail-OW!)
The head is plastic, so it cannot be ironed over
The pearly paint comes off after some use

So overall, if you need them for sewing, get something else (I recommend glass headed pins). If you need them for crafts or for blocking, they will work just fine.
January 10, 2016
These discs the pins came in were fantastic. Made it extremely easy for my project creating styrofoam flower balls for my wedding. Some pins were bent and missing the pointed tips, but didn't matter much for what I needed. Great purchase!
January 26, 2016
I really don't like these straights pins. I bought these pins, as well as the colorful straight pins with the idea that they would be easy for me to pick up & use. Well they are easy for me to pick up so I should give them 5 stars, but I can't. There were so many straight pins with broken tips that I had to throw away. There were also some rusty pins as well so I have decided that in order to keep my frustration level low I am just going to throw these straight pins away & get some good ones. Don't waste your money buying these pins that you will end up throwing away!
January 5, 2016
My daughter bought these pins for a sewing project. She and her friend made some patchwork quilted totes. She tells me that they were perfect. One of the huge positives is that they are easy to see if they are dropped. This is an issue in our house because we have a cat that gets into everything... sigh.

Some folks have written that these pins are not good for sewing and working with fabric. I'm thinking that that depends on what kind of fabric you are using. My daughter was working with quilting fabric (cotton) and these pins worked just fine.

Overall, she thought the price was good... plus she didn't have to go to a fabric store because they were shipped to our house. She says,
Ann E. Lindberg
December 29, 2015
I have been using thousands of pins making beaded ornaments for friends and relatives for Christmas. Obviously, some of them are now going to be birthday gits.Most of the containers of pins I have come in little bags or little plastic containers. Whichever of the two they are, I end up with pins dropping and falling on the floor, making them a safety hazard for feet. I love it that these pins come mounted in a circle and stay put until I need a particular pin. It makes them easy to access and they don't poke through the bags or get lost on the floor. They are also exactly the size shape pin I wanted with the right pearl head. Couldn't ask for better.
July 11, 2016
These pins work perfect for the project I'm doing. I was looking for a way to attach embellishments onto a candle because glues weren't working and these work really well. These pins have a nice pearlized finish to them so they don't look cheap. The diameter of the head is about 3 mm. The reason for giving 4 stars is that I got 2 odd colored pins in with the others.
Otherwise, this is a nice cheap product. Would recommend for crafting or short term use.
July 9, 2016
These were just the pins I was looking for at a cost I could afford. I was making decorations for my daughters wedding and I needed about 1000 pearl headed pins. To buy them locally the cost was just ridiculous so these were perfect for the styro project. A few bent, a few of the pearls popped off and some were dull but the majority did the job. They came shrink wrapped in a bundle of discs that held the pins individually. They were delivered quickly after ordering and the decorations looked lovely.