3Pack Round Windshield Ice Scraper, Ice Scrapers for Cars Cone-Shaped Windshield Ice Scraper Snow Shovel Tool (Red) (Colorful 2) Warmsheep




Product Description

  • Our ice scrapers and snow removers are cleverly tapered, so you can simply move it in any direction or circle to remove more snow from the car at once.
  • It is made from plastic.The end of it has mini spikes that protrude from it, so if there'a large build-up of ice on your car windows, you can tap the end of it on the ice, and it'll easily break away.
  • One side of the cone ice scraper is extra wide to cover more area for scraping and snow removal from your car, while the other side of the cone is meant to be an ice-breaker.
  • It can remove even the most frozen frost from your cars windows with ease, will not scratch the glass on your car while using it.
  • Ordinary ice scrapers and snow removers simply don't remove them snow every time you scrape, you must push or pull to remove debris from the car. Our plastic car with a snow scraper can help you solve this problem easily.

Material: Plastic
Size:Diameter: 14.5cm
Package Included: 3 x Cone-Shaped Windshield Ice Scraper


1,The Scrape-a-round is a ingeniously designed ice scraper and snow remover that's cone shaped, so you can simply move it in any direction or in circles to remove more snow from your car at a time. 
2,The circular scrape-a-round ice scraper is said to to clear ice and snow from your cars windows twice as fast as traditional scrapes using its large 18 inch scraping surface. 
3,Its unique cone shape makes it extra comfortable to grasp and use. 

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