2 Color, 20-Inch Open Plays Top Parrot Lovebird Cockatiel Cockatiels Parakeets Cage With Removable Stand Mcage

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Color:Black Vein


Product Description

  • Open Plays Top, 5/8 Inch Bar Spacing and Large Swing Out Door
  • Come with Feeder Door, 2 Stainless Steel Cups and wooden Perches
  • Easy Clean Removable Metal Grate and Slide Out Bottom Plastic Tray
  • Cage Only :20 x 20 x 35 inches, Overall: 20x20x57 inches.
  • Removable Stand With Caster

Color:Black Vein

Some assembly required.

Customer reviews(8)

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June 6, 2014
I ordered this cage for a cockatiel that I am going to be getting soon. I will update when I get the bird with how he seems to like it.


The cage arrived in perfect condition. No complaints there. It also arrived within the time I was expecting it. The packaging was a little underwhelming; it just came in the brown amazon box. But shipping was cheap, so I'm not complaining.


Assembly was pretty easy. It took me and my mom about ten or fifteen minutes. However, I enjoy stuff like this. It doesn't come with instructions or a picture. This wasn't a problem for me, but some people might have trouble with this. Also, it helps if you have something to help hold the screws in place while you twist the bolt: a small wrench or wire benders (what I used) work just fine. It's just a little hard to do with your fingers. Additionally, the cage when assembled without the bottom is a little flimsy because of the joints between walls. This is easily fixed with a little wire, or you can just leave it attached to the base and you won't have any problems. The only problem I had was with the food bowls. The bowls are wrapped in plastic underneath the wire attachment to hook them to the cage. It's really hard to get the plastic off and I couldn't figure out how to detach the from the bowl.


I think this cage is totally adorable. I thought it was white, but it's actually a light blue. I really like this. The legs are cute, and it's very non-intrusive. I'm six feet tall and it comes about to my chest when it's on the stand.


Like I said, I don't have the bird yet, so I will update when I do. The cage doors all open easily, although one of them sticks a little, and the food doors are a nice touch. The perches included (there are three) are perfect for a cockatiel or parakeet, but you'd do well to buy more in other sizes as well to exercise your bird's feet. The plastic tray and wire bottom both slide out easily, and the main door is large enough to easily offer access for cleaning or interacting with your bird. The wire shelf is also a nice touch, and a good, sturdy place to keep your bird's stuff out of the way. The cage is a good size for a single tiel or maybe a pair of parakeets, but definitely nothing bigger and you'll need to give it plenty of time out of the cage. The wheels are also really nice. I have carpet everywhere and it rolls fine. Just make sure you push the base, not the top of the cage. I toppled it accidentally doing that.


Overall this is a nice cage for a single tiel or parakeet. It's a little on the smaller side and it can feel a little flimsy while you're assembling it, but once it's all put together it's a cute and functional cage that I'm sure your birdy would love!
August 11, 2016
I have two parakeets, and they love this cage. It is spacious enough for the two of them along with their toys and perches. I usually leave the top open, and they like to hang out there all day every day. The only reason why I did not rate this product with five stars is because putting the cage together at first was rather tricky. I, also, replaced the original perches (including the ones on top) with perches that were smaller and better fit my needs as an owner of parakeets. (Just because birds need a lot of space) I would not recommend this cage for large birds. But a couple of smaller birds or a medium bird would be quite comfortable calling this cage home. It is probably the best investment around for the size of the cage and the price.
May 15, 2018
The cage doesnu2019t come with instructions.

The pieces donu2019t stay together without prying the hooks shut (which cracks the powder coating)
None of the parts fit right and it falls apart when picked up.

If you have a bird that tryu2019s to get out nothing is stopping it from climbing out the top since the top latch doesnu2019t lock on to anything

Iu2019m attaching a picture of the cage after I had put it together and was in the process of lifting it onto itu2019s base (completely fell apart) also pictures of the corners that donu2019t match up and the top latch that I made stay with a carabiner
May 13, 2017
This cage is perfect for what I needed! Great for a single cockatiel. I have very little bad to say about it really. The barspacing was what I needed (don't use it for a smaller bird like a budgie parakeet though, conures should be okay) and the large springlock door makes getting my tiel out really simple. The steel bowls were stuck in the holders and ended up being a hassle so I didn't use them. It comes with 3 wooden perches, but since I can't reach the top of the cage I don't use the smaller one for the open top, and I only use one of the bigger perches inside it. The cage was undamaged and in good shape upon arrival! Sturdy too. I would definitely recommend it to others.
November 28, 2016
This was horrible to put together. I had to use pliers to make things fit. I do not like the way it goes together with just hooks. I had to plier those closed to keep it from coming apart. It takes two people to put this together. One holding the cage while the other uses pliers on it. It did not line up well in some parts. I do like the stand even though you have to use pliers on the bottom shelf to make the prongs fit into the holes.
November 28, 2015
Shipping was fast! I bought this for 1 pet cockatiel. For the price I thinks it's a good deal. Mine arrived in good condition with written instructions that were easy to follow. As a non handy gal I had no problem putting it together by myself in 20 minutes. Everything lined up fine. I added like 10 black zip ties in a few places for extra stability. It has nice metal caster wheels so I can roll it room to room and a spring on the big door which makes it easy to open close. Overall good experience so far:). I think the people who have complained about bent parts were probably due to careless employees of the shipping carrier throwing the box around during shipping!
Mary T.
November 22, 2015
It arrived in one piece. No damage although it was a flimsy cardboard box. Despite the lack of good directions, I got it put together. Just a few bars needed flexing. Not a problem, though. It's very attractive and my bird loves sitting on the open top perch. I love it, too. It's a great height to be able to talk to the bird face-to-face.
Amazon Customer
May 21, 2018
My birds love it . I love it . Plus looks great. No complaints . Took me a little while to put together because of the no instruction. But I just keeped looking at the pic on Amazon. No big deal ud83dude01